Budapest, Hungary – Euro Road Trip with Dog

Leaving Bratislava, Slovakia – Destination Budapest, Hungary.  Is it Dog Friendly?

Following our disappointing stay in Bratislava, we are packed and eagerly on the road again by 10:45am.  It is always a shock when you are really looking forward to a destination, only to find out it does not live up to your expectations – that, for me was Bratislava.  I am cautiously hopeful for Budapest.

Within 15 minutes we arrive at the Hungarian border where we must buy a vignette (highway permit) for €12.90 (2975 HUF) – cash only.  You will need to show your vehicle registration to conclude the purchase.

Yay!  We have arrived in the country famously known for Goulash!  We stopped for gas; full service which includes a window wash and petro pumped cost 26.7 l for 9956 ft (HUF) €32.60 which is €1.22 / litre.

By 2pm we pulled into dog friendly Motel Dojo – our hotel for the next 4 days.  Read about my review here:  Motel DOJO, Budapest, Hungary – Review.

After quickly putting the luggage in our room, we are on our way once again so we can hurry to the Formula 1 Race Track Hungaroring for the pit walk from 4pm to 6pm.  Read about our F1 experience here:  Formula 1 Hungaroring, Hungary.

We took our dog Fritz to Dogmopolite, a dog boarding service in Budapest where there were lots of other dogs so that we would be able to attend the Formula One weekend.  Read my review here:  Dogmopolite Dog Boarding, Budapest, Hungary – Review.

For Dinner, we found a place a short drive from our motel called Pizza Paradiscom.  Read about our experience here: Pizza Paradiscom, Budapest, Hungary – Restaurant Review.

As it is with travel, eventually you need to wash clothes and we were at the point where we really needed to do some laundry.  We ate a self made sandwich in the room and then headed out in search of a laundromat.  It was not easy, as so many streets were blocked closed by the police, we think due to the 17th FINA World Championships.  We toured past beautiful buildings along a surprisingly deserted street beside the Danube River, taking in the beauty of Budapest.

Eventually, we found the Bubbles Laundrette.  After loosing money trying to figure it out, we finally have the dirty clothes washing a head out in search of somewhere to have a coffee. Read about Stelazsi Cafe and Wine Bar, Budapest.

On our way past the car, we bumped into a parking officer who was happily placing a ticket on our car.  We said we were sorry and didn’t know – there were no signs anywhere – but he acted like he didn’t understand us and moved on. Later, we were explained that basically there is not free parking in Budapest, you must look up and down the streets for a meter and buy a ticket; also, if you get there within 5 minutes of the ticket, you do not have to pay. Hmm, I guess the parking officer was not liking foreigners…

After finishing the laundry we finally have time to go sightseeing!!!  Budapest is incredibly gorgeous with its gothic structures, Danube river and friendly people.

Top sights to see in Budapest:
– St. Georges Square
– St. Matthias
– Castle Hill
– Chain Bridge
– Hungarian Parliamant
– Hungaroring, Formula One Fans

The Evening found us strolling the streets of incredible Castle Hill.  Surprisingly, it was not too busy.  Everything looked so magical and was beautifully lit.  More of what we saw will be linked in a photo album so you can understand and enjoy the full beauty of Budapest.

Temperatures during our end July stay ranged from 31 degrees celsius to 34 degrees celsius with sunshine every day!  Budapest was definitely dog friendly and we wholeheartedly recommend it!  Fritz loved sightseeing with us and was allowed on the restaurant patios without a second glance.

Next Destination:  Keszthely, Hungary home to the popular holiday destination, Lake Balaton.

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