Pizza Paradiscom, Budapest, Hungary – Restaurant Review

Roadtrip: Europe Destination: Budapest, Hungary, Restaurant Review: Pizza Paradiscom

While on our European road trip, one of the cities we stayed in was beautiful Budapest.  In addition to seeing wonderful sights, we had the fabulous opportunity of attending a Formula One Race at the Hungaroring.

On our first evening, while looking for traditional Hungarian Goulash, we saw a busy restaurant on the side of the road.  Curious, we found a parking place behind it and went in to check the menu.

Oddly, although we had not seen the name of the place, it was called Pizza Paradiscom.  Now, I, as a foreigner visiting Budapest would say this is a completely misleading name.  The menu had a wide array of food, including many traditional Hungarian dishes – in addition to pizza.

Open 24 hours round the clock, we were surprised at the large amount of families, couples and friends eating and drinking while socializing.  Always taking that as a sign of a good restaurant, along with the good prices on the menu, we took one of the last tables for two on the patio.

A server with a smile was came almost immediately to our table asking in very broken english what we would like to drink.  I ordered a Radler (lemonade and beer mix) and my husband ordered a beer.  Within a few minutes, a beer was plopped on the table and a lovely, fresh looking minty drink.  I tasted it and confused, asked the server what it was, to which he replied with a smile something I did not understand.  He then took the menu and pointed to a name; I quickly google translated it and discovered it was a Pear Lemonade. Naja, close enough to beer lemonade ?.  Travel is great! The drink was good.

For dinner we ordered Szegedi Gulyasleves which is Goulash Soup.  A big bowl filled with a hearty stew arrived, along with a wonderful spicy paste and a basket of country style bread.  It was delicious!  Yum yum ?

The food left such a great impression, we went back 3 more times!  In addition to the goulash, we tried the Pork Knuckle baked with sheep cheese.  It had a wonderful flavour and texture, however, it was far too rich for my palate and I could only consume half of the serving.  I would recommend a salad with it to cut the richness.

We also ate a breakfast Club Sandwich on a morning when we met up with a friend along with double espresso lattes.  The sandwiches were huge – had to be consumed in layers – and very tasty, the latte perfect.

Great prices, great food, great service!!! Fabulous Place!

Information, current prices and an extensive menu are available on their website:

Address:  Pizza Paradiscom – Budapest, Vörösvári út 13, 1035 Hungary

Let us know in the comments below what your experience was!


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