Bratislava, Slovakia – Dog Friendly European Road Trip

An 18th century town, Bratislava Castle, beer and the Danube!  We are on our way to  the capital of Slovakia, with Dog in tow.

Join us as we drive to several European destinations.  Costs, itinerary, top sights and problems.  Just the two of us and our dog.

Following a wonderful 2 days in Vienna, we leave at 3:18 pm for Bratislava, Slovakia.  Already by 16:19 pm we arrive at the Slovakia border, where we stop and buy the obligatory vignette (right on the border). Cost: €10 / 10 days – no sticker for the window, just a receipt of payment.

We arrive and check into our accomodation for the next 2 nights, Penzion Vilo.  Read my review here: Penzion Vilo, Dog Friendly – Bratislava, Slovakia – Review.

Exhausted from the day, in the evening we simply walked a little further up the hill from our accomodation where we found a local restaurant, Pizza Grill Budkova. Read my review here:  Pizza Grill Budkova, Bratislava Slovakia – Review

The next morning and we wake up to 22 degrees celsius, cloudy and rainy. The sun managed to peek out a few times throughout the day.
Following a self made breakfast, we trekked our way down the hill to see the sights of Bratislava.

Our first stop was Bratislava Castle.  To our disappointment, very un-european, dogs are not allowed on the grounds, not even in the park area surrounding the castle.?  So, not wanting to have come this far and see nothing, hubby went for a walk on the outer walls while I entered the gates and went on a photo tour.  I must admit, it is not as much fun alone as it could have been and therefore I have a tarnished opinion of what other people possibly have. The Bratislava Castle, although nice, specifically the gardens, failed to impress me. However, to be fair, it looks very storybookish, especially at night!  NOTE:  Not Dog Friendly

The historic old town Bratislava was nice to wander through with it’s medieval buildings, but offered little attractions other than cafes with big prices and  extremely unfriendly personnel.

Top Bratislava attractions / what did we see:
– Bratislava Castle
– St. Martins Cathedral
– Old Town Hall
– Primates Palace
– Michaels Gate
– Grassalkovich Palace

For lunch we sat down at Cafestudio.  Read my surprising review here: Cafe Studio, Bratislava – Review

Grabbed a Taxi back to our room for €7.50 – he was friendly.

Afternoon Nap feels so good!

Bratislava imo can be by passed to make more time in other places.

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