Dogmopolite Dog Boarding, Budapest, Hungary – Review

Visiting Budapest?  Need a place to board your dog?  Following is my independent review of Dogmopolite.

Nobody likes to leave their dog in a boarding place, and we are no exception.  However, this summer, when we went on a European road trip with our dog Fritz, we found ourselves in need of a dogsitter in Budapest.  We were in Hungary for the Formula One weekend and Fritz, unfortunately would not be particpating in the racing events.

After a little research, my husband decided on Dogmopolite Boarding and Day Care.  We arrived and very obviously started asking questions and checking out the large facilities.

The young lady in charge, who spoke good english, quickly put our minds at ease as she confidently answered our questions and gave us a tour.  There were a lot of other dogs and people were coming and going, dropping off and picking up their treasured pets.

There was garden areas, pools, agility courses as well as separate areas for big dogs and little dogs. Private areas were available for dogs that do not play nice.

We had to present Fritz’s passport which documented his vaccinations and vet visits, filled out paperwork, answered a series of questions which were recorded and signed papers.  Hesitantly, we left our “baby” in the care of Dogmopolite, assured that we could come and go to visit as we pleased.  We did not visit, afraid of upsetting a balance, but we did call several times and were always patiently told what he was doing and where he was.

When we picked him up, we quietly arrived at Dogmopolite so we could observe how he was handling the situation.  He was in the garden playing with some other dogs, tongue hanging out, tail waging!  Whew!!!

Great place!  The only negative was the pungent odour of dog urine, but that happens when there are so many dogs entertaining eachother.

Cost: 3500 ft / €11.50 for 3 nights & 3 days.

Dogmopolite Dog Boarding and Day-care PEST
1103 Budapest, Cserkesz u. 49.
Telephone: 06 (1) 246 23 06,
06 (20) 528 72 21, 06 (20) 362 83 30
0-24 Telephone: 06 (20) 477 56 00

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