Cafe Studio, Bratislava – Review

Hungry in Old Town Bratislava, Slovakia.  Independent review of dog friendly Cafe Studio.

After wandering around town and castle all morning, (read about it: Bratislava, Slovakia – Dog Friendly European Road Trip) we worked up an appetite.  Passing several restaurants, in search of some authentic traditional Slovakian Food dishes, we decided on  Cafe Studio.

As the rain had finally passed and the sun was showing her beautiful face, we opted to sit outside on the patio where we could watch the pedestrian street action.

Our order, on the pulled recommendation of the our waitress, consisted of:
– a beer @ 2.50 ea (2) and Smirnoff Cranberry @ €5ea (2)
Sheep cheese dumplings – good but rich, large serving
Potato pancakes with cabbage – good, large serving
Schnitzel – it never arrived?!?

We had 2 servers working our table, a man and a woman. Neither spoke english; the man was extremely rude, the woman tried to smile once and awhile but obviously did not like her job either.  Perhaps Slovakians are not fond of tourists / foreigners? Or maybe they are simply not happy people…

For dessert, we ordered an Apple strudel to share which was very good.
Our total cost was: €32.30 ?

Bottom Line:  Slow service, male server was a grumpy, unfriendly disaster, forgetting parts of our order (drinks); the female server was slightly better, but also missed parts of our order (food).  Overpriced in a country where the average nominal wage is a little over €800.

Would I recommend Cafe Studio?  NO

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Diane Misol

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