Motel DOJO, Budapest, Hungary – Review

Destination:  Budapest, Hungary
Review:  Motel DOJO, Budapest, Farkastorki út 21, 1037 Hungary

We arrived in Budapest, Hungary and by 2pm we pulled into the dog friendly Motel Dojo – our hotel home for the next 4 days.

Our First Impression: horror – the outside of the building was dull gray, indicated a sports business and seemed very untended.  We walked into a dark, drab building where we found someone who could speak a little English.  That person asked us to wait and disappeared, reappearing a minute later with the owner.  He was a very friendly man who spoke German and immediately showed us to our room.

All doubt melted away when we saw the room, it looked awesome! Everything was brand new, never used.  Apparently, he ran a DOJO sports hall and decided to repurpose a portion of the building for a motel.
Our cost was 12,000 ft HUF per night / €39.50.  It is Formula One (F1) weekend, not sure if that was reflected in the price.

We plugged in our computer to charge, and when we tried to unplug it, the entire electrical outlet fell out of the wall!  It was a little scary trying to get the plug out without getting electrocuted…

Although the advertising stated internet was available, it did not work the entire stay.  Extremely frustrating.

Dogs barked all night, half the time, right under our window. I guess they were protecting the property, so whenever anybody walked by, the barking would start.  The sad part is the dogs were owned by the motel, not neighbor dogs.  Sleeping in was not possible.

Unfortunately, nobody was available to explain the problems to.  I guess because the DOJO school was closed on the weekend, and they lived off premises, other than phoning (language barriers…) there were not any possibilies.

Although nobody was available, or to be seen, on the 3rd day while we were gone somebody came into the room and left 2 garbage bags and a roll of toilet paper; they did not sweep the floor, or clean the water from the leaky shower or change the towels (from the leaky shower) or make the bed….

The shower sprayed water all over the place, but we removed a sealing ring from the shower head and then it worked great.

It is very a very unfortunate bumpy start for the Motel DOJO. Too bad,  as they seem like genuinely nice people; hopefully they will get it all under control. A beautiful new room is a definite asset, but it can not make a good nights sleep.

In fairness, he only charged us for 3 nights instead of 4 and we hope he is able to get his hotel in order.

– Beautiful, fresh, new room
– dog friendly
– easy to find
– walking distance to restaurants
– walking distance to mall
– friendly

– Dogs barking
– Internet does not work
– Very small shower towels (they were hand towels)
– Leaking shower all over floor
– Slow shower drain
– Several Receptacles not working

Would I sleep here again?  I would ask if the negatives have been fixed and if yes, definitely.

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