Spree River Cruise Tour Berlin

A highlight, possibly best way to see Berlin attractions – the Spree River Cruise!

We had the pleasure – a few times because it was so great – of taking one of the many offered Stern and Kreissfahrtschiff Spree River Cruise.  I can highly recommend the Berlin City Tour and following are some of the reasons why.

Reichstagufer Berlin - German Empire - Spree-Tour -0188
Please note, the photos are highly compressed to allow for fast loading time. High quality photos can be seen on YouTube.

We started our tour in the beautiful Treptower Park, but there are several stations depending on the type of tour you book.  The excursion lasted about 3.5 hours and cost €23 per person – worth every penny.

The Berlin City Tour had so many highlights including architecture, history, art and bridges!  Below are some of my favorite attractions in Berlin including, but not limited to the Reichstag, Oberbaumbruecke and Molecule Man statue. Enjoy!

The photo gallery of more of the sights can be seen here: Spree River Cruise Gallery

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Stern and Kreissfahrtschiff (English) – Tours, Times, Booking – Please note, I have no affiliation.


Berlin Attractions by Spree River City Tour include:  Museum Island, Berlin Cathedral, Alte National Gallery, Oberbaumbruecke / Oberbaum Bridge, Mercedes Benz Arena, Jannowitzbrücke, Fernsehturm, Marie Elisabeth Lueders Haus, Neuer Marstall, East Side Gallery, Molecule Man Sculpture, Reichstag / Reichstagufer, Bode Museum, Architecture, Canals, more bridges and more!


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