Treptower Park – What Makes This Park one of the Best in Berlin

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The huge city of Berlin has so much to see and do, it can at times be overwhelming. Edging the beautiful Spree River, Treptower Park offers a refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life for both tourists and locals alike. Relaxation, sports, boating, an island, a war memorial, special events and concerts make this the perfect all round park to detox, destress, energize and refresh body, mind and soul. Romantic walk in the park anyone?
Postcard Perfect - Treptower Park, Berlin
Postcard Perfect – Treptower Park, Berlin

Amazing Berlin, the city that doesn’t sleep offers so much to see and do, even if you run 24 hours a day you will not be able to explore everything in a 2 week visit. The good news is, it gives you a reason to keep coming back. Recently, needing a battery reload, I headed to a green area which the bus had passed several times, and discovered the Treptower Park, arguably one of the best parks in Berlin. 

The huge (88 hectare / 218 acres) versatile green space has so much to offer.  A rose garden with more than 25,000 plants awakens the senses and makes for the perfect romantic walk or Tinder meet ?. It is one of many areas where you can take a load off and detox / destress from a hard work day or energize and refresh after a party night; sunbathing, table tennis, badminton, frisbee, barbecuing, yoga and so much more are seen throughout the generous spaces. Boating and paddleboarding keep water fans happy!

Paddling the Spree in Treptower Park, Berlin
Paddling the Spree in Treptower Park, Berlin

Treptower Harbour is a fun place to sit in the beer garden, snack on smoked fish delicacies or german specialties, have a drink and watch the river boats coming and going.  From here you can also board one of the fabulous cruises offered by Stern und Kreisschiffahrt. We did 2 cruises, the Evening Bridge Tour / Abendliche Brückenfahrt as well as the Downtown Tour / Spreefahrt in die Innenstadt; both were recommendable – informative with lots to see.

A tiny island approximately 4 acres in size, perched in the Spree River can be reached by way of a bridge in Treptower Park. The Isle of Youth / Insel der Jugend has a beer garden, eateries, cultural events and more.  Catch a movie under the stars or take in a concert; same park, different perspective!

Insel der Jugend, view from Treptower Park, Berlin
Insel der Jugend, view from Treptower Park, Berlin

Fountains and garden areas are generously mixed into open fields and wide walking paths.  Children gleefully dance around in the fountains while parents relax nearby; sculptures and statues are intermittently placed throughout the grounds.  Following one of the many paths led to a huge archway; wandering through the passage I came upon the immense Soviet War Cemetery. Built by the USSR to commemorate the death of 80,000 WW2 soviet soldiers killed in the Battle of Berlin, it also serves as a cemetery with numerous sarcophagi. Definitely worth seeing!

Soviet Soldier War Memorial. Treptower Park, Berlin
Soviet Soldier War Memorial

Take the time to escape the hustle and bustle of Berlin and find your perfect spot in Treptower Park. Take a date, go alone, balance your yin and yang, stop and smell the roses, paddle a boat or jog the massive paths. Explore and enjoy this marvellous park with endless possibilities! If you prefer a little more action, there is the Lollapalooza Festival – a 2 day lineup of concerts, food, arts and culture, possibly giving a repeat visit in 2017. Remember, Europe is Hot, Berlin is on Fire!

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