Al Colosseo, Trattoria Restaurant in Berlin, A Review. From the Series “Europe is Hot – Berlin is on Fire!!!”

Where to eat in Berlin, Germany – Today, Italian! Restaurant Review

Update:  We returned in August 2017 – One year later

The Unfriendly server is no longer working in the restaurant.  The atmosphere is dramatically improved due to his absence.  Our server was a friendly young lady.  Food is still a very good quality and of course, delicious.

Orignal publish date:  August 2016

Love Train Zug der Liebe Berlin 2017

This is Love Train 2017 – Berlin Germany – Zug der Liebe

Replacement to the Love Parade. Footage taken in the area of Corinthstrasse and Markgrafendamm in Friedrichshain, Berlin. The Love Train party, known as Zug der Liebe, took place one day after German law voted to legalize same sex marriage.   Watch what happens in the video as the party progresses! Comments welcome below.