River Cruise Evening Bridge Tour Berlin

Cruise the Berlin Canals and Spree River by night – Architecture and Top Attractions glowing under night lights.

For our anniversary and birthdays, friends gave us a romantic evening cruise, officially called the Evening Bridge Tour, on the Spree River and Canals in Berlin.  The boat trip was scheduled to leave from the Jannowitzbrücke at 7:05 pm.

We arrived at the bar Gestrandet Mitte (also known as Janowitz Strandbar), located on the river at the Jannowitz Bridge docks, by 6 pm so we could enjoy a drink and a snack before leaving.  The bar fare food was delicious, the view was super and the atmosphere was very relaxed – definitely worth spending a summer evening here.

At 6:50 pm, people started lining up – very German?! – at the dock entrance in anticipation of the boat arrival.  At 7 pm we casually made out way to the line and a minute later the Stern & Kreis boat pulled up.  Everyone filed on, found tables to sit at and ordered drinks and or food as we pulled out punctually at 7:05 pm – very German?!

The sun was just on the verge of setting, giving some spectacular views as we made our way along the Spree River before turning and heading down a canal.  A moderator was giving commentary as we floated; although it was in German, upon learning I speak English, she quickly offered both languages!  It was fabulous to learn about the Berlin history as we travelled forward.

The setting sun soon made way to romantically lit buildings and bridges.  Interesting facts:  Berlin has more canals than Amsterdam and more water bridges than Venice at 1,700+.  The Cruise was incredible; lots of information, beautiful sights and it should be on everybody’s must do list when visiting Berlin in the summer.

According to the official website of Berlin, we saw the following attractions:

Moabit, Hansa Bridge, German Ministry of Interior, Bellevue Palace, Siegessäule, House of the Cultures of the World, Bundeskanzleramt (Federal Chancellery), Moltke Bridge, Reichstagsgebäude (German Parliament), Friedrichstraße Station, Museum Island, Old National Gallery, Berlin Cathedral, Fernsehturm (TV-Tower), Nikolaiviertel, Mühlendammschleuse, Märkisches Museum, East Side Gallery, Oberbaum Bridge, Treptowers, Oberschleuse, Urbanhafen (Urban Harbour), German Technology Museum, Potsdamer Platz, Staatsbibliothek (Prussian State Library), Philharmonie, New National Gallery, Gemäldegalerie, Shell House, Villa van der Heydt, Bauhaus Archive, Zoo, Unterschleuse, Charlottenburg Gate

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We received this fabulous cruise as a gift, but fyi the cost is €23 per person.  The Evening Bridge Tour / Abendliche Brückenfahrt lasts approximately 3 hours.

Stern and Kreissfahrtschiff (English) – Tours, Times, Booking – Please note, I have no affiliation.

Please note, the photos are highly compressed to allow for fast loading time. High quality photos can be seen on the YouTube video above. High quality photos are available for purchase.

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