Usedom Island

Top Reasons to Go to Usedom in the Winter

Usedom Island is a beautiful tourist destination in North Eastern Germany, Northwestern Poland.  This small island claims dual nationalities, German and Polish.  Every summer thousands of visitors from all over Europe flock to the spa destination to soak in the sunshine and swim in the Baltic Sea.

Which brings us to the first reason to visit Usedom in the winter!  We went to the resort town Heringsdorf where  quiet streets greeted us.  Parking, shopping and stroll the beach without bumping into people and waiting in lines was a simple pleasure.  We meandered our way along the boardwalk pier, known locally as Die Seebrücke, out over the calm sea water and only

Usedomer Brauhaus Heringsdorf

Traditional, hearty German Cuisine in an authentic Craft Brewery on the Island of Usedom.

Restaurant NameUsedomer Brauhaus
AddressFriedenstraße 1, 17424 Heringsdorf

Note:  This is an independent restaurant review based on my personal experience.

Usedomer Brauhaus, is a culinary delight located on the Baltic Sea Island Usedom in Northeast Germany, Northwest Poland.  The tourist spa island is divided between Germany and Poland.  It is here that we had the pleasure of dining in the Craft Brewery which serves an impressive menu of beers and German Cuisine.

The Restaurant: The casual atmosphere is inviting; booths, tables and chairs are placed around huge copper brew kettles and a large bar invites the single visitor.  Brewery tours complete with tastings are sometimes available, so be sure to ask!  Grilled chickens are roasting on the back wall and Flammkuchen, a traditional German flatbread, is

Seetelhotel Ostseeresidenz Heringsdorf

Sleeping on the shores of the Baltic Sea in a little town called Heringsdorf on the island Usedom.

Hotel Name: Seetelhotel Ostseeresidenz Heringsdorf
AddressSeestraße 41, 17424 Heringsdorf, Germany

Note:  This is an independent hotel review based on my personal experience.

Located in the Baltic Sea is an island which is half Polish, half German.  Sunny Usedom Island in the province of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania boasts long stretches of sand beaches, untouched nature, spa hotels and resort architecture.  Accomodations are abundant and the question is always, where to stay? While there, we (4 adults) stayed at the Seetelhotel Ostseeresidenz Heringsdorf.  

A short 3 minute walk to the beach, this apartment hotel seemed like a good choice.