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Where to eat in Berlin? Review target: Italian restaurant Trattoria Portofino

Berlin has so many eating establishments – 4,650 – and counting! In this restaurant jungle, food flavor and quality are as extreme as the price ranges.  While we are generally on the search for small budget prices with a big taste, we often come across lower quality food.  How did Trattoria Portofino on Gubener Straße 48 fare?

We arrived slightly after 1 pm to an almost full, inside and out, restaurant. There was one red and white cloth checkered table left outside and the sun was shining – we took it!

The Service, initially, was very slow, but we assumed it was due to a full house.  After awhile, my husband got up and asked one of the waiters for a menu and he replied he would be right over with one.  Just when we were ready to ask again, he showed up with the menu and a big smile before just as quickly disappearing once more – we were slowly getting thirsty…

In addition to the regular menu, a Mittagsmenu, which translates to Lunch Menu or Lunch Special was dropped off.  This is why we came!

– Lunch special is from Monday to Friday, until 4 pm (they open at 11:30 am)
– Every Pizza, Pasta or Salad on the menu = €5.90 ?
– A lunch combo of a small mixed salad + pizza or pasta + a small soft             drink is only €8.20 ??
– Scampi Pizza and Scampi Pasta is not included in the deals
– Credit card or EC payments only allowed for amounts of €20+

This time it did not take our waiter long to return to take our lunch combo (€8.20 each) order.

– 2 small mixed salads
– Spaghetti bolognese
– Pizza with ham and mushrooms
– 2 small cokes
– 1/2 liter Nero D’Avola (€7.60)

Our Nero d’Avola wine arrived very quickly and we were able to quench our thirst?.  Within minutes after, a bread basket of sliced white Italian loaf arrived, followed by the the salads and main dishes – unfortunately, basically all at once.

Everything was delicious!  Our fresh mixed salad was a crispy iceberg base topped with arugula and colored with grated carrots, a cucumber slice and a tomato wedge, lightly dressed with Italian dressing.

The pizza was the way pizza should be – thin crispy crust from being fast cooked in the stone oven, Italian sized!

The ample portion of Pasta was cooked to al dente perfection and topped with a rich, velvety tomato based bolognese sauce.  Absolutely delicious!

As is customary in Europe, we were left in peace to savour our meal.  When our plates were empty, the waiter passed by and we asked for our bill.
He generously offered an espresso on the house!  Nice touch.  Our total cost was €24 – no hidden surprises.

Although the slow start was forgotten once we started eating, it would possibly be beneficial if the restaurant provided initial faster service - for example menus and drinks.  The only thing that would make it better would be if they carried / served Primitivo wine or the possibility of bringing your own, with a corkage fee of course.

Conclusion:  Excellent Food, Excellent Prices!  I must return for dinner one day!  Inside is very cozy with a strong Italian atmosphere!  Trattoria Portofino is Italian owned, operated, and waitered.

Would I recommend them? Definitely
Would I go back? Definitely
Have you eaten here?  Tell us your experience in the comments section below!

Trattoria Portofino
Gubener Str. 48,
10243 Berlin

Opening Hours:  11.30am to midnight, 7 days a week
Telephone: 030 – 239 10 610

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  1. Dave

    I ate there one sunny summer afternoon with my wife.
    Our experience was exactly as you described – hmmm… delicious!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience.

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