B&B Fuori dal Porto, Civitavecchia, Italy – Review

B & B Review – Civitavecchia, Italy – Rome Cruise Port

We stayed at B&B Fuori dal Porto, located at Via XVI Settembre n•10.  It is a very convenient 5 minute walk from Largo della Pace, the free cruise port shuttle terminal.

On arrival, there was no answer at the door, but a neighbouring businessman was quick to inform that the gentleman had only stepped out and would return in a few moments.  It was correct, a few minutes later a very friendly Italian speaking gentleman arrive, greeted us and showed us inside.

Graciously, he took my large suitcase and we started the climb to the 3rd floor.  At this point in time, I would like to point out, this is not wheelchair accessable, neither is it appropriate for people who can not climb 3 floors – there is NO elevator.  The stairwell was very clean and bright.

We entered another door which led into the apartment.  A very tidy kitchen was across the hall and we went left to the first room on the right.  The door opened to a nice sized, airy, spacious room with a huge window offering a spectacular port view.  There was a big bed with 2 end tables, in addition to a bunk bed set, a wardrobe closet, and a small table with chair.  The spotless ensuite washroom had a bidet, toilet, shower, sink, mirror, towels and hairdryer.

We paid €60 per night for 2 persons with Internet and an Italian sweet breakfast included.  The price drops to 40€ for a single person.

Bump: When we arrived, the "father" told us our booking was wrong, we had booked for 1 person instead of 2.  We apologized and asked what we owed. He wanted €75 more. We ended up in a huge discussion, telling him he was charging too much. Eventually he called his son (the owner?) and his son sorted it out.  The gentleman apologized several times - he really was a super nice person!  I am only explaining this so it is understood how they went out of their way to correct a problem!  Thumbs up!

Getting up so early to get off the ship is not our favourite part of cruising, so we laid down for a short nap.  Unlike the comfy, big bed, the pillows were not very comfortable, but they did the trick.

In the afternoon when we tried to get onto the included internet, we could not get online and after several frustrating attempts we went in search of “father” who excused himself and said he changed the router to make the internet better. Normally a good thing, right?. The new password did not work either.

We told him we were going to a cafe with internet to get some work done and to please have the internet working by the time we get back. We returned 4 hours later and there was a new internet password taped to our door – it did not work either. In the morning we told him it still doesn’t work and that is when we all realized they had made a mistake with the spelling of the password. Once again, everything sorted out in a very good way.

From here on in all was great.

B&B Fuori dal Porto is located perfect.  In addition to how close to the port it is, you can walk everywhere.-  the waterfront, yacht port, museums, Fort Michelangelo, shopping, market, beach, train station – you get the idea, Civitavecchia is a small town.  Read about what we saw and did on our blog Civitavecchia – Cruise Port to Rome, Italy.

The breakfast, served in the kitchen at our pre arranged time was delicious.  It was a typical Italian sweet breakfast with coffee of our choice – I picked cappuccino of course –  and toast, sweet buns, pie, juice, and bottled water.  Our host was always ready to give us tips and join a conversation.  Although I was not able to speak Italian with him, he made every effort to communicate.  It was a really lovely time!  We met his wife who was equally friendly, but never met the son.

Alas, all good things come to an end and following our second fabulous breakfast at B&B Fuori dal Porto, our host considerately took us to the train station.  Normally, we would have walked, but my large roll suitcase had lost it’s wheels and I had visions of my clothes all over the sidewalk.  Read about our train trip from Civitavecchia to FCO Rome airport on my blog: Transportation How to Civitavecchia Port.

We said our goodbyes with the knowledge that we will definitely return to B&B Fuori dal Porto so long as they continue to have great rates and an available room!  

Great place, great location, very clean, very friendly.

B&B Fuori dal Porto
Via XVI Settembre #10
Civitavecchia (RM) 00053

Internet: www.fuoridalporto.it  Tip: use Google Translate 

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