La Bruschetta

Serving authentic delights from the Italian Puglia region – treat yourself to a taste vacation in historic Konstanz!

Deli / Eatery Name: La Bruschetta a Pugliese Deli 
Address: Obere Laube 64, 78462 Konstanz

Note:  This is an independent restaurant review based on my experience.

Historic medieval Konstanz on the beautiful Bodensee is a city where you can lose yourself wandering the cobblestone streets and browsing the multitude of shops offering everything your heart desires.  On our most recent trip to this treasure trove, we came across a wonderful little Deli, La Bruschetta, offering bites and goods from our favourite Italian region, Puglia.

The Restaurant:  As stated above, the delicatessen carries a nice variety of specialties from Puglia, Italy.  In addition, they offer tastings of regional wines and foods.  The area is small, but the atmosphere is big!

Each dish was an Italian culinary delight!

Several wine barrels serve as intimate tables along the windowed wall.  The backdrop is shelves of wines, vinegars, pastas, spices, sauces, oils and endless more Pugliese treats.  A meat counter displays prosciutto varieties, Italian cheeses, sausages and meats.

The Service:  As we walked in the door we were greeted with a boisterous, affectionate Ciao from the smiling owner, Donato – he does not speak English and his German is limited, but this is his charm!  He showed and explained some of his product before waving us to a table., orecchiette, truffle oil and various jars of omg goodness.

A bottle of Pepe Nero Primitivo di Manduria was flashed in front of our eyes before our red wine glasses magically sparkled with the dark, jammy delight accompanied by Taralli, a traditional south Italy type of cracker served with wine.  If not before, we knew then we were in good hands.

In between hand chat and laughter, people entered, filled baskets and left again as tables filled up with hungry, thirsty, curious customers.  Eventually, Fiorella, his lovely wife also arrived, helping with the bustling shop.

The Food:  Warmed by good wine and conversation, food started magically appearing at tables.  First an Italian baguette topped with thin sliced Mortadella, a type of bologna, arrived followed by a magnificent platter of sausages, meats and cheeses.  Cold pressed olive oil and rich balsamic vinegar was a delight with the bread.

Next was a tasting plate of pickled artichoke and eggplant, marinated broccoli rabe, and a sun dried tomato and pepper union in a oil vinegar brine topped with juicy sweet cherry tomatoes.  We now knew it was time to start pacing ourselves; we had not expected so many wonderfully delicious delicacies!

Two warm dishes of eggplant, each with it’s own uniquely enticing flavour arrived next, delivered by the capable hands and of smiling Fiorella, who incidentally speaks German.  The final presentation was Polpette al Sugo, otherwise known as meatballs.

I cannot say which dish was my favourite; each dish was an Italian culinary delight, reminding me again and again why I love Italy, specifically Puglia.  La Bruschetta is a taste vacation – in Konstanz!  Don’t forget to load up a bag of treats before leaving, including wine, orecchiette, truffle oil ? and various jars of omg goodness.

The Cost:  A blackboard and labels indicate prices.

Contact:  La Bruschetta, Obere Laube 64, 78462 Konstanz.  Tel: 01578 0320147

Opening Hours:  10 Uhr – 20 Uhr

Get There:

Location: Europe > Western Europe > Germany > Baden-Württemberg > Lake Constance > Konstanz > Altstadt / Old Town > Obere Laube 64

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