Usedom Island

Top Reasons to Go to Usedom in the Winter

Usedom Island is a beautiful tourist destination in North Eastern Germany, Northwestern Poland.  This small island claims dual nationalities, German and Polish.  Every summer thousands of visitors from all over Europe flock to the spa destination to soak in the sunshine and swim in the Baltic Sea.

Which brings us to the first reason to visit Usedom in the winter!  We went to the resort town Heringsdorf where  quiet streets greeted us.  Parking, shopping and stroll the beach without bumping into people and waiting in lines was a simple pleasure.  We meandered our way along the boardwalk pier, known locally as Die Seebrücke, out over the calm sea water and only passed one other person – he was playing beautiful music on the accordion for coins.

Accommodation rates sink drastically in the winter months due to low occupancy.  You can find yourself able to afford a beautiful spa hotel for a fraction of the regular price.  This is your chance to treat yourself to an otherwise unaffordable hotel.

Local shopkeepers have the time to breath, therefore they also enjoy a little small talk and have a greater opportunity to help you with what you might be looking for.  And by the way, the Beach Casino is not really a Casino, it is a clothing shop!

The restaurants which have remained open are super guest friendly.  Although their prices do not drop, you are actually able to get a table without a reservation!  Go try some of the great local dishes including traditional German comfort food and fish fresh from the Baltic Sea!

Close to the border is a fabulous display of Sand Sculptures.  These huge works of art were so intricately detailed and a sight to behold.  Of course, due to the season, the actual entrance was closed, but we were able to walk around the displays and enjoy the sand sculpting.

Do you really need more reasons? Indulge yourself!  The town is romantically lit at night, the food is fantastic, people friendly and you will be sure to find the perfect trail to hike while breathing in the crisp sea air.  Dress warm.

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