Buetezettel Restaurant

Reichenau Island in Southern Germany is known locally as the place to go for fresh, local produce – a great marriage for a restaurant.

Restaurant Name:  Bütezettel
Address:  Am Vögelisberg 10, 78479 Reichenau

Note:  This is an independent restaurant review based on my experience.

The Buetezettel Restaurant Bar – combining local, fresh produce with traditional dishes is located on the beautiful UNESCO world heritage site, Reichenau Island.  The Island is a perfect place to go for a bike ride, or, like us, a relaxing walk with a battery recharge at the local eatery.

The Restaurant:  Their motto is Good Food, Drink and Entertainment.  They offer a lovely selection of local as well as international wine and beer along with a more traditional German style menu set in a retro style, bright space with plenty of bar seating.  Table seating is extremely limited, so I would recommend phoning and reserving seating.

It does not get more fresh and local than this!

The Service:  Excellent.  Friendly, efficient, aware.  We were offered to sit at the bar and have a drink while waiting for a table.  We ordered a local beer, a hot ginger orange tea and a cherry juice with carbonated water which arrived promptly and with a smile.

The Food:  An impressive menu offering primarily traditional German dishes with a few other offerings.  We ordered Zettels Salatteller mit Wurstsalat und Gemischten Salat – The House Salad Plate with Sausage Salad and Mixed Salad and a Bueteburger Klassisch mit Rindfleish, Kaese, Zwiebeln, Tomaten und Gurken – The house Cheeseburger classic with a beef patty, cheese, onions, tomatoes and cucumber.

The very traditional Sausage salad was delicious; perfectly tangy sour with a generous splash of cheese.  The exquisite meat, which I believe was Lyoner, is a bologna style. A crispy accompanying mixed salad was local garden fresh, and topped with a creamy yogurt style dressing and a few sweet cherry tomatoes to complete the healthy goodness.  A basket of dark German bread to soak up the sauce was a fantastic addition.

The Cheeseburger, by German standard was very good; it came with a side salad which was delicious.  For those who follow me, you know I am Canadian, and we are very fussy when it comes to our meat – specifically our beef.  Presentation of the huge burger was gorgeous, layers full of colour.  The luscious european cheese was delightful, red onions added the perfect mildly sweet flavour, crisp lettuces provided a nice crunch along with the fresh cucumber slices.  The meat patty was not up to my expectations. The texture was wrong and the flavour was not quite “meaty” enough.  However, I can not stress hard enough, for a German burger, it was good.

The Cost:  Prices are fair, especially when considering the quality being served.  Also on offer between 12 noon and 2 pm is a daily special, currently priced at €8.20.  Prices range from €7.90 for a large mixed salad to €17.80 for a Wiener Schnitzel plate.

Do I recommend it?  This place is very good and I definitely recommend it – it does not get more fresh and local than this! Next time, I will try German dishes.  Do not forget to make a reservation ahead of time.

Note:  Evening entertainment is also available, so be sure to check the website.

Tel: +49 7534  999702
E-Mail: info(at)buetezettel.de
Internet: www.buetezettel.de
Opening Hours:
Mo – Thur: 12 Noon – 2 PM & 6 PM – 1 AM
Mo – Sat: 6 PM – 1 AM

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Location: Europe > Western Europe > Germany > Baden-Württemberg > Lake Constance > Konstanz > Reichenau Island > Am Vögelisberg

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  1. Jack

    Yes, I know the place. The WuSaSa, a joke on the Wurstsalat Salat was delicious, thanks for sharing your review and mouth watering pictures. I will have to go back there very soon 🙂

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