Quan Oc Binh Dan 30 K Restaurant Review

Barbecued seafood, tangy spicy sauces, average dish price of 30k dong. This Vietnamese Phu Quoc restaurant is getting attention!

Restaurant Name: Quan Oc Binh Dan 30K
Address:  So 123 Duong Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc

Note:  This is an independent restaurant review based on my experience.

Quan Oc Binh Dan 30K gets it’s name because most dishes cost around 30.000 dong!  Also know as Ốc 30K, that is a mere €1.10 or USD$1.30 for barbecued goodness!

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Four days into our stay on Phu Quoc island, we discovered the restaurant Quan Oc Bin Dan 30K while searching for traditional Vietnamese food with a good price. And this is where we ate every night after!

The entire staff, which we think is an extended family, are very friendly – and not in a fake way.  Although the language spoken is Vietnamese, one lovely server was able to speak a reasonable amount of English in a shy, sweet way.

As mentioned about, great prices accompanied a well varied menu of fresh offerings.  Barbecued seafood, hotpots, rice, noodles, vegetables and the multitude of ways to prepare them.  The seafood dishes vary according to the daily catch = super fresh.

Each night, after being greeted like old friends, new dishes were set front of us to try and try we did!  Each bite was a delight, every morsel eaten down to the last crumb.  Meals were accompanied by various enhancers stirred into wonderful dips and sauces using limes, seasalt, local pepper, spices, tamarind and more.  Such simple ingredients adding powerful punches of flavor, especially when combined with wood coal barbecue and Saigon beer.

The hotpot was one of my favourite meals to eat.  A big soup pot full of a hot, bubbly broth is brought to the table and placed over an open flame to keep it bubbling hot.  Plates of fresh vegetables / herbs, noodles, spice, fish sauce and a plate of seafood accompany it and then you make your soup to your own taste.  My rule of thumb:  throw it all in (well not all the noodles!), put the lid on and let it simmer while sipping on a beer.  When the beer is finished, remove the lid and enjoy with friends!  OMG it is so good, especially the sweet flavours it brings out in the squid.

Other tasty delights throughout the week included:
– Shrimp, Tamarind Spicy 25.000 dong / €0.95 / USD$1.10
– Snails BBQ spicy best on the island! dong / €1.10 / USD$1.32
– Garlic Rice 15.000 dong / €0.55 / USD$0.65
– Lau hai san / seafood hot pot 150.000 dong / €5.60 / USD$6.60
– Grilled lime snail with salt & chili 30.000 dong / €1.10 / USD$1.32
– Grilled Squid with fish sauce 60.000 dong / €2.25 / USD$2.65
– Steamed Squid with ginger 60.000 dong / €2.25 / USD$2.65
– Sautéed noodles with vegetables 30.000 dong / €1.10 / USD$1.32
– Barbecued Fish 150,000 dong / €5.60 / USD$6.60
– Green Iced Tea 14.000 dong / €0.50 / USD$0.60
– Red Saigon 11.000 dong / €0.41 / USD$0.50

More Dinners for 2 persons:
– Cockles w/ garlic and onion
– Garlic rice x 2
– Garlic Chili shrimps
– Beer & Iced Tea
Total: 176.000 dong / €6.60 / USD$7.75

On our last evening, we received a Free (gift from house), grilled eggplant with peanuts, sesame seeds & soya sauce & parsley.  Oh, if I would have tried this earlier, it would have been part of the evening routine!  Sooo good!

Quan Oc Binh Dan translates to: A music explosion on the tongue!!!!  Just joking.  Please let us know in the comments below what it means, if you know.

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Location:  Asia  >  Southeast Asia  >  Vietnam  > tỉnh Kiên Giang >  Phu Quoc  >  Duong Dong  > Quan Oc Binh Dan 30K


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