Yum Saap – Don Muang Airport Bangkok

Overpriced, flavourless, exorbitant prices airport fodder?  Yum Saap, putting the yum back in Food!

Restaurant Name: Yum Saap
Address:  Don Muang Airport, Public Zone, FL 4, Bangkok, Thailand

Note:  This is an independent restaurant review based on my experience.

Yum Saap, putting the YUM back in Airport food!  Really!  I know I sound like an advertisement, but when you spend as much time in airports as we do, it is a rather bittersweet experience.  On the one hand, you are excited because you are going somewhere exciting, but on the other hand, there is usually too much time to waste away and airport prices are ridiculous.

Then this little Imbiss chain serving Asian food changed everything.  As usual, after checking in, we wandered aimlessly through the airport with a hunger pricking at our tummies.  Knowing food is not available on our kind of flights – billig – we eventually found ourselves browsing the food court area of Public Zone FL4, looking for some cheap eats.  

When what to our wondering eyes should appear? Yum Saap, a fast food eatery with a big silly yellow happy face. On first glance, the prices seemed good.

We ordered two combos, but when we wanted to pay, they informed us with hands and feet that cash is not possible.  You go to a teller in the food court area and load a prepaid card which you use to buy food.

Our orders:
Chicken Pad Thai Set – 175 Thai Baht / €4.50 / USD$5.25
Shrimp Pad Thai Set – 175 Thai Baht / €4.50 / USD$5.25 (same same!)

The set, which means combo included a large drink (we both chose iced tea), a soup, greens, soybeans and a noodle dish of choice.  The sizes were more than filling, and it tasted very good.  Since then, Yum Saap is our favourite go to when passing time in Don Muang Airport.

How to get there:  go to the 4th level of domestic departures where there is a huge food court. Head towards the middle section where the affordable Asian food is.  Don’t forget to look at the prices and then charge a food card with the appropriate amount, ideally before ordering!

Location:  Asia  >  Southeast Asia  >  Thailand  > Bangkok >  Don Muang Airport  >  Domestic departures 4th level > Food Court > Yum Sap

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