Rory’s Beach Bar Review

The hipster backpacker In place to be.  Why we do and do not agree.

Note:  This is an independent review based on my experience.

Restaurant Bar Name: Rory’s Beach Bar
Address: 118/10 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc, Vietnam – Long Beach

Day 3 of our vacation found us checking out Long Beach, about a 5 minute drive from our hotel. Trip Advisor had great reviews for Rory’s Bar, so eventually, after sufficient beach walking, we headed there to chill.

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It is a beautiful spot and a popular location; you will find many hipster backpackers, flashpackers, travel gap packers and partiers alike. Unfortunately, the small cocktails are quite pricey and the food is very expensive, but served with a smile. Beers and Strongbow Ciders are good options, still allowing you to soak up the beach front atmosphere and use the free wifi.

Prices / Menu examples are as follows:
– BLT Baguette 120.000 dong / €4.50 / USD$5.30
–  Seafood dish 240.000 dong / €9 / USD$10.55
– Cocktails are 100.000 dong / €3.75 / USD$4.40
– Beers & Cider 50.000 dong / €1.90 / USD$2.20 to 100.000 dong / €3.75 / USD$4.40
– Mixed Drinks 70.000 dong / €2.60 / USD$3.10 to 90.000 dong / €3.40 / USD$4
– Shots 70.000 dong / €2.60 / USD$3.10 to 100.000 dong/ €3.75 / USD$4.40

They also offer Vegan & Gluten Free options.

Our Bill was 230.000 dong / €8.60 / USD$10.10 for one Pina Colada, one 333 beer, and one Strongbow cider.

The good:  In the evenings, after dinner, we went back to Rory’s for drinks on the beach. You have to get your own drinks at the bar, but servers clears the empties. Fair priced drinks, fabulous atmosphere, bonfire, lots of people and a good DJ. BEWARE – they quickly swept by and took half a strongbow cider – we chased and got it back. Then she/he quickly went through and grabbed one of our glasses. Not nice!!?

The bad: you should not leave money here for food.  The Chili cheese fries were a huge rip off – cold cheese gobbed on top of a few cold fries with a ketchup sauce costing 120.000 dong / €4.50 / USD$5.30, Baguette was ok at 120.000 but a large water for 30.000 is overpriced for the island. I ordered an Old fashioned Milkshake; it arrived in the old fashioned stainless steel cup, but that is all that was old fashioned – it tasted like strawberry milk over iced cubes?.

Rory’s is an unfortunate place waiting to take foreigners naive money. Avoid food, long drinks, shakes and water. For an evening out it has great music and atmosphere – drink a beer Saigon or strongbow. For a Beach day, it is fine, but leave for lunch, take your own water and drink Saigons or Strongbows. Not outgoing staff, as so many stated in the reviews.  Just because everybody says it is good, does not mean it is.

Fazit: great bar, not so great restaurant. 

Note: We went to RoRy’s every night of our stay.

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Location:  Asia  >  Southeast Asia  >  Vietnam  >  Phu Quoc  > Kien Giang > Duong Dong > Duong To  > Long Beach > Rory’s Beach Bar

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