Thu Phuong Restaurant Review

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Note:  This is an independent restaurant review based on my experience.

Restaurant Name: Thu Phuong
Address: 88, Trần Hưng Đạo, tt. Dương Đông, tỉnh Kiên Giang, Vietnam

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Walking around the main town Duong Dong on the island of Phu Quoc, we saw a cute little restaurant with a blue porch.  The fresh catch of the day was displayed on ice – when it is gone, there is no more! The overpowering sign, too big for the little place, displayed in bright red letters the restaurant name, Thu Phuong.

Although there was no more space on the porch area, or in spite of, we entered the busy restaurant and sat at the only remaining table.  We were immediately greeted by a lady with a huge, contagious smile; she took our drink order and disappeared leaving the menus behind.

When our drinks arrived, we were asked what we would like to eat.  As I was once again craving Asian carbs, I ordered the mì xao gà which is yellow noodles with chicken and vegetables.  Promising we would share with each other, my husband ordered barbecued Tiger Shrimp and a starter of chả giò tôm or better known as Shrimp Spring Rolls.  Our server / owner pulled him out of his chair and scurried him over to the iced seafood, telling him “you pick”.

The spring rolls arrived first (not an easy feat in many restaurants world wide!) with a side dipping sauce similar to sweet chili thai.  The hand made rolls were crispy, crunchy and delicious.  Although they tasted like more, our next course was begging to leave space!

The huge shrimp were barbecued in a garlic chili butter, giving just the right amount of spice, similar to monster firecracker shrimps.  The noodles were a very good accompaniment to the shrimp, but most certainly could be a fine stand alone price worthy meal as well.

A plate of watermelon from the house, no charge, nice touch!,  finished our delicious feast.  Following our meal and goodbyes, a romantic walk along the beach helped with digestion!

Meal Total:  386.000 dong / €14.34 / USD$17.00

–  2 Saigon Red Beer – 36.000 dong / €1.34 / USD$1.60
That is 18.000 dong for 1 beer! / €0.67 / USD$0.79 each
– coke light – 20,000 dong / €0.74 / USD$0.88
– Spring rolls – 50.000 / €1.90 / USD$2.20
– Noodles – 80.000 / €3.00 / USD$3.50
– Shrimp – 200.000 / €7.45 / USD$8.80
– Watermelon – 0 / €0 / USD$0

On another night, we found ourselves visiting this delight of a restaurant once more.  As delicious and friendly as the first time we had:
– Cà ri gà, a curried chicken, with lemongrass, veggies & rice for 95.000 dong / €3.55 / USD$4.20
–  Spicy BBQ Prawns with rice – 150.000 dong / €5.60 / USD$6.60
– Beer – 25.000 / €0.93 / USD$1.10
– Ginger Tea – 25.000 / €0.93 / USD$1.10
– Finishing with free watermelon
Total: 295.000 dong / €10.96 / USD$12.99

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Location:  Asia  >  Southeast Asia  >  Vietnam  > tỉnh Kiên Giang >  Phu Quoc  >  Duong Dong  >  Thu Phuong Restaurant


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