Pizza Grill Budkova, Bratislava Slovakia – Review

Visiting Bratislava, Slovakia?  Looking for a cheap place to eat in a jungle of high prices and mediocre food?  Here is my review of Pizza Grill Budkova.

Exhausted from our day of travel from Vienna Austria (blog), and some sightseeing in Bratislava (read my blog Bratislava, Slovakia – Dog Friendly European Road Trip), we were out walking our dog Fritz when we happened across Pizza Grill Budkova. Conveniently located within walking distance of our accommodation Penzion Vilo.

They warmly welcomed us and our dog and we found an empty table on the al fresco terrace.  The evening heat demanded? that we order a beer for my husband, and a radler – beer with lemonade – for me.  The radler was incredibly delicious as they made their own with beer and real lemonade – so refreshing, I suppose as it is meant to be!

Enjoying the atmosphere, we decided we would split a pizza.  Not just any pizza, in Italian tradition, the pizza Margherita was cooked in a wood fire oven.  Simple and delicious! ?  Cost for all: €8.40

Due to the fantastic pizza and friendly people, we decide to return to Pizza Grill Budkova the next evening for dinner.

This time we managed to consume
– 3 radler
– 1 Pizza with prosciutto and rucola
– 1 Pizza Hawaii
Total cost: €17.80

Once again, everything fabulous!  Not only is Grill Budkova dog friendly, which allows us to not only consume, but enjoy our time out, the food and the service is 5 star in a comfortable common people restaurant!

Win Win!!!

Do I recommend it?  YES!  Go, enjoy and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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Diane Misol

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