Vienna, Austria – European Road Trip

Join us as we drive to several European destinations.  Costs, itinerary, top sights and problems.  Just the two of us and our dog.

Today we are in Vienna / Wien, Austria.

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Photos of top sights to see in Vienna:  Top Things to See

Petro: By 2:27 pm, still in the Czech Republic, we stopped for gas.  19.8 liters cost 593 Crowns or €22.70.  (29.90 crowns or €1.15 or USD$1.36 / Liter)

2:50 pm we pass the sign stating 122 km to Vienna.
3:26 pm – Crossed the border into Austria ??
The Vignette, a permit to drive on the Austrian highway costs €10.40 for 10 days and we purchased it at the border area.
It is 75 km to Vienna, Wien and it is raining non stop.

16:00 Pass through a cute wine town called Poysdorf.
16:44 Schloss (Castle) Wolkersdorf from the 13th century is a tourist attraction, however, we drive on.
17:08 we cross over the beautiful Danube River
Apparently, this is a very bad time of day/ hour to travel in Vienna.  The road are extremely congested.

17:45 we have finally arrived at our hotel.  Read my review (and cost) here:  Dog Friendly Austria Trend Hotel Bosei – Hotel Review

In the evening, we enjoyed a very satisfying dinner at a dog friendly traditional Vienna Restaurant. Read my review here: Gasthaus zur Stadt Krems, Vienna Austria – Restaurant Review

Following dinner, we headed out for an awesome night in the Museum District where we browsed the Street Food Fair, but were too full to try any of the wonderful looking foods on display. A classical music concert was playing at the Town Hall known as the Rathaus.  A huge screen showed the orchestra as the Vienna appropriate music resounded through the magically lit area.  What a wonderful way to end a spectacular day!

Note:  We parked in a parking garage in the middle of the museum district for €4 for the entire late afternoon/ evening!

The following morning was partly cloudy with a slight breeze and a high of 24 degrees.
We had breakfast in our room, packed & left the hotel.
The moring was spent walking around Vienna.
– 2 Coffees & 1 Sacher Torte €9.60

More walking
– 2 pretzel buns €1.80
More walking and sight seeing including the famous St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Parking again in the garage at Museum District €8 (maximum cost).

Great memories made, must go back!

3:18 pm  we were back in the car and heading for Bratislava, Slovakia.

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