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Civitavecchia Cruise Port, Italy Rome Guide for Transportation – How to Get Out!

First and foremost, we all know disembarkation day is seldom pleasant.  Stay calm, think, compare, question.  Each cruise ship will operate slightly different, so be sure to check carefully regarding ship offerings. The Port of Civitavecchia does not allow pedestrians, so do not think you will walk out off the ship and out of the port.

Basically, we figured out 4 possibilities to getting out of Civitavecchia.  Whether you want to get to the airport, to Rome or simply leave the town, I have compiled a how to list.  If you decide to stay in this charming port town for a few days, check out my blog Civitavecchia – Cruise Port to Rome, Italy.

The list of transportation means include:
1. Cruise Ship: shuttle airport transfer / excursion
2. Local Bus / Van transfers airport or Rome
3. Train
4. Rental Car

#1 Cruise Ship Offers
Most of the ships offer a few possibilities.  The Cruise ship we were on offered a shuttle to the airport for USD $75 per person on the ship.  The pre-booked bus is waiting directly outside the ship. This is the most comfortable mode, but also the most expensive.
Alternatively, you could choose from 2 excursions with airport or hotel / city center drop off.

One of the tours, which started at 7:30 am offered the St. Peter’s Basilica and the Colosseum for USD $159.75 per person.  It suggests it is only for people whose flights depart after 5 pm from Leonardo DaVinci airport (FCO). No wheelchairs allowed; must be able to climb stairs and walk uneven paths and approx. 3 km. The tour is listed as being 6.5 hours, which means it ends at approx. 2 pm.

The other tour included the Vatican Museum, St. Peter’s Basilica and a choice of Hotel or City Center transfer and is listed as having a 6.5 hour duration, starting at 8:45 am, costing USD $169.75 per person.  The city center drop off point is the Ostiense Train Station.  Hotel drop off is limited to Crowne Plaza Rome, St. Peters Hotel, Empire Palace Hotel, NH Leonardo Da Vinci Hotel and Hilton Rome Airport Hotel.  Again, not wheelchair appropriate and has a exertion rating of moderate.

#2 Local Bus or Van
First, take the free port shuttle to exit the inner port area – be prepared for the chaos which will ensue. You leave the ship, go straight to the port shuttle bus, load your luggage in, grab a seat and wait for it to fill. It will shuttle you the 5 minutes to the port shuttle terminal Largo della Pace just outside the gates.
Note: this is a working port and you can NOT walk.

Once outside the port you have the following options available. Hawkers are everywhere, so no worries about finding immediate transportation.
They offered:
€20 per person for a comfortable Coach bus to the airport
– A shared Van for €20 per person (airport)
Bus to Rome City Center (not airport) for €10 pp

#3.  The Train
Ticket pre-booking can be done either on the Trenitalia website or for English – a one way ticket to the airport currently costs €11 pp.  You can also buy your ticket at the station if you have not pre purchased one.  The train to Rome – €5 takes about 45 to 60 minutes whereas the train to FCO airport takes around 105 minutes+.  If you are staying in RomeFrecciabianca is the fast train.

The Regionale (regional train) is the train you need if you are going to the airport (it also goes to Rome); we took this train and it was very comfortable.  If you are going to the airport, exit at Roma Trastevere, (after approximately 1 hour), go under through the tunnel to platform 5 where it shows an airplane (airport).  Take the next train to the airport and it arrives in approximately 26 minutes.  It stops right in the airport – so easy – find your terminal & safe flight!

* Kids under 12 free
* Book online and ticket with scan code is emailed
* Train has a plugin (computer or phone charge) at seats
* Washroom
* Big comfy seats – we piled our suitcases and carry-ons into 2 seats and sat in front of them on 2 other seats

How to get to the train station?
i) Taxi €6 to €10
ii) Walk to the station – approx. 30 minutes – Walk out of the free cruise shuttle port terminal (Largo della Pace), turn left and walk straight. It will be on your left hand side.
iii) Argo Bus / red bus €2 pp – supposedly there is a ticket booth in the Largo della Pace next to the information point.  Go here, buy your ticket and they will tell you where to go.  I never saw this booth, but I did see the bus at the train station!

#4 Rent a Car
A great option for those staying a little longer who want to venture out and see some things!  Also great for people traveling in a group of 4 people.
There are several rental places across from the port shuttle station
Note: make sure the car size can accommodate you and your luggage!
The rental car drop off is conveniently located in the airport – be sure to tell the rental agency which airport. Drive carefully! Note: It may be easier to pre-book your rental car online, due to the language barrier. It will also save you a lot of time.

A word of advice:  Remember you are in Italy! They speak Italian and things move at a different pace. Stay calm and smile – you are creating great memories!

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  1. David

    Thanks , for all your great advice we be in Civitavvecchia two day prior before we leave on our cruise ,9 days to go before we fly out.

  2. Steve

    Different transportation options from Civitavecchia (Rome Cruise Ship port) Bus, Train, Shuttle, Taxi to FCO Fiumicino Airport and Downtown Rome.
    All options super documented and easy to read how to guide. Excellent advice that saves lots of money.
    I remember that the cruise line charged 75$ per person (300$ total for the 4 of us) for the cruise shuttle transfer. thanks to your advise it cost us 11€ per person and was lots of fun. Thanks for your efforts. Love your blogging

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