A Due Passi Dal Ghetto Pizzeria, Civitavecchia – Restaurant Review

Where to eat in the Rome Cruise Port town of Civitavecchia?

On the second evening of our stay in Civitavecchia (read about it here), we decided to have some Pizza.  Our choice was a pizzeria called A Due Passi Dal Ghetto Pizzeria  which translates to Two Steps from the Ghetto.  Following is my review of the restaurant.

We specifically chose this place due to the fact that part of the reason Italian Pizza is so great is because it is made in wood fire oven, known as Forno al Legno and this pizzeria advertised having one.  So we set out for 15 minute walk from our B&B Fuori dal Porto (read about our experience) to the pizzeria A Due Passi Dal Ghetto.

The atmosphere was nothing special, diner style with basic tables and red chairs and no table service.  It took us a few minutes to read the short menu behind the counter and figure out how it works.  You decide what kind of pizza you want and then you order it by weight.  If it is a special order pizza, you must take an entire pizza, which we did.

So, we ordered:
– Wine (1 bottle): Larentu – Cannonau di Sardegna (red)
– 1 Beer, 1 small water
– Fiori di Zucca (deep fried battered zucchini) ? yum
– Pizza – 1/2 margherita, 1/2 funghi (Pizza is paid by weight)

Our bill came to €40.00 – in my opinion, far too expensive for mediocre pizza and cheap wine – you can buy it for €2 – €5 at an Italian grocer.  However, the young couple running it seemed like very nice people and I hope they may be able to reflect on their price structure and perhaps they will find greater success.  The Fiori di Zucca was good and was stuffed with cheese, the bottle of Larentu was house wine quality – forgettable but drinkable.

The pizza was American style, thick crust, which means you are paying for dough.  At €15 per kg, you are looking at an average cost of minimum €13 for an average size pizza.  We are true Italian fans – we really like everything about Italy from North to South – especially South! – including their fabulous thin crust pizza.  Possibly all you thick crust, deep dish pizza fans would really enjoy this place; unfortunately, it is not what I am looking for in Italy, for that, I can go to Chicago.

The Menu:
French fries €2.50
Deep fried zucca €2
Chicken Nuggets (4 pieces) €3.50
Pizza (including sweet): €15 per kg.

Would I recommend this place?  Probably not
Would I go back? No

But, to each their own.  Let me know in the comments below what kind of pizza you like!

A Due Passi Dal Ghetto Pizzeria
Viale Guido Baccelli, 33,
00053 Civitavecchia RM, Italy
Phone: +39 0766 34761

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