Hotel Bosei, Austria Trend – Hotel Review

Dog Friendly Austria Trend Hotel Bosei – Hotel Review

2 Adults, 1 Dog – European Road Trip!

We arrived at our hotel Hotel Bosei (Austria Trend) at 5:45 pm on a weekday, summer afternoon.  Read about our Vienna experience.

Cost:  €48 per night + €12 / night for the dog ?

First Impressions:  Very nice hotel deserving its online 80% satisfaction average across platforms. Efficient and helpful staff, large rooms with everything you need earn the rating including FREE parking!

Room outfitted with:
– Water kettle
– Refrigerator
– Large Desk
– Table and chairs
– Large comfy bed
– Two night tables
– Television
– Luggage rack (large enough for 2 big suitcases!)
– Wardrobe
– Jacket and shoe area at entrance
– Lots of lighting / lamps

Bathroom with all amenities including shaving and dental kit, soaps, creams , blow dryer, mirrors, tub with shower

– Bus stop right in front of the hotel
– Located on a golf course
– in hotel: 2 restaurant and one bar

– crappy tv (we don’t care, as we do not have time to turn it on!)
– Slightly dated / showing wear and tear (paint chips, scuffed suitcase area)
– Shower is too small and uncomfortable (for my 180 cm / 6′ tall husband; he had to crouch to get under shower head for hands free shower and it was too narrow
– no restaurants or entertainment in walking distance

Would I recommend it?  Definitely, the price is amazing for Vienna!

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