Ristorante Rosati Restaurant Review

Can you really find a taste of Italy in Berlin, Germany?

Restaurant Name: Ristorante Rosati
Address: Bismarckstrasse 88, 10627 Berlin, Germany
SpecialtyItalian food, Region of Ischia

Note:  This is an independent restaurant review based on my experience.

According to their website, the owner of Ristorante Rosati hails from beautiful Ischia, Italy and the menu is a reflection of the typical savoury, regional offerings. Most notably, delectable truffle dishes, rabbit, Coniglio ischitana and seafood.

This Italian eatery is conveniently located directly across the street from the Deutsche Oper Berlin – home to opera and ballet.  Perfect for a pre or after show dinner.

We stumbled upon the place while wandering around this part of Berlin at lunch time.  The restaurant offerings in the area are limited and we wanted to take our time.  When we entered, we were told to sit wherever we like.  The server then informed us we could order a drink, but there would not be any food served until 12 o’clock.  As we were not in a hurry, and enjoy a drink before eating, this was not an issue.

Menus were put in front of us, but no suggestions or recommendations were offered; we asked for one liter of the Merlot house wine. We notice a chalkboard by the bar with the specials of the day, but sadly failed to notice the Truffle Menu on the wall.  Italian music played softly in the background, creating a nice mood to the already ambient atmosphere.

In addition to the wine being consumed, we ordered a bottle of water, salad, pizza and Spaghetti.  Shortly after, a basket of warm bread arrived with a small serving of black olive pate.  According to my husband, the dark paste was delectable.

The small side order of mixed house salad was fresh, crisp and well, a salad – a perfect size for an appetizer.

My plate of Spaghetti with Mussels was incredibly delicious.  As promised, the ample serving of mussels were fresh and delivered the incredible sea flavour you get in the fall and winter. The al dente pasta was tossed in a buttery, garlic bomb sauce and topped with freshly chopped parsley.

My husband, who insists every Italian eatery must be judged by it’s pizza, received his Pizza Mozzarella d.o.c.  Topped with cherry tomatoes and the fabulous creamy Mozzarella di Bufala cheese, a Buffalo Cheese prepared according to a regulated traditional recipe and hailing from the region of Campania.

Unfortunately, the pizza would have benefitted from a slightly longer cooking time to offset the wet cheese topping.  Additionally, the smokey flavour which results from a  traditional wood fired oven would have made the pie perfect.  To all Italian establishments: Please get a wood fired oven!!!

 - Bread & antipasti olive paste
 - Salad
 - Pizza Mozzarella d.o.c.
 - Spaghetti mit Miesmuscheln (cozze)
 - Liter of merlot house
 - Large bottle of still water
 Total:  €44

The washrooms were super clean – always a good sign / indicator.  A lunch “crowd” did not exist; as we were leaving, another couple entered.  Staff did their job, but nothing more.  Prices are steep for a lunch, but as a special evening of dining, tolerable.  The menu is small, however, the offering of traditional, destination local cuisine put it into the category of an Italian specialty restaurant.

An impressive chalkboard Truffle Menu hung on the wall; found too late for me to be able to participate in one of these tasty delights - perhaps a reason to go back?!

Note: Dog Friendly

Location:  Europe > Western Europe > Germany > Brandenburg State > Berlin > Charlottenburg > Bismarckstrasse > Ristorante Rosati

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