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RAW Entrance, Friedrichshain, Berlin
RAW Entrance, Friedrichshain, Berlin
Tucked inconspicuously behind old walls on a huge 12 acre (52000 Sq. Meters) city block, address Revaler Street 99, Friedrichshain, Berlin, sits the very popular RAW. The indoor / outdoor space boasts trendy Restaurants, Bars and Night Clubs as well as sports halls. Young people flock here, looking to see and be seen, middle aged people looking to stay in touch with the fashion trends and older people gawking, taking pictures and enjoying the view of youth (or not) ? .

RAW stands for Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk, a big German word which loosely translates to National Railway Work or Repair Shop. In 1999 the association of RAW-temple undertook the task of creating intercultural projects and renting to businesses. The derelict buildings and graffiti laden walls create an interesting, offbeat area, attractive to artists, hipsters, and the “in crowd”; a culturally diverse “underground” sub culture.

RAW Track Walk, Friedrichshain, Berlin
RAW Track Walk, Friedrichshain, Berlin

Sport facilities offer a fun way to burn off some energy while having fun. Der Kegel is a rock climbing facility, offering everything from climbs, courses, trainer training, equipments sales. A large cone offers climbing difficulty levels 3+ to 10! Skatehalle Berlin is an indoor venue for Skateboarders, open 7 days a week with affordable prices. Workshops for children and adults are offered in both German and English. The summer day club Haubentaucher has cross training, yoga and an outdoor pool, complete with bar and DJ.

Der Kegel, RAW in Friedrichshain, Berlin
Der Kegel, RAW in Friedrichshain, Berlin

Food venues and bars are dotted through the area; Vegan, Vegetarian food prevails, but other offerings can be found. Open air bars are fabulous in the summer – we spent some time chilling and soaking up sun – cozy indoor bars help fight winter chills or rain.

Crying Colors. RAW Graffiti, Friedrichshain, Berlin
Crying Colors. RAW Graffiti, Friedrichshain, Berlin

At night, RAW comes to full life, giving Friedrichshain it’s world renowned party atmosphere. Several dance clubs are found in the area, allowing visitors to club hop or visit a different club each night without having to taxi all over the city. Some host concerts with top names as well as up and coming stars, others move to the beat of popular DJ’s. Check my links below and schedules to find your perfect place; you will find techno, reggae, hip hop, punk, rock, funk, soul, club classics, disco and more – somewhere in RAW!

Badehaus Szimpla, RAW, Friedrichshain, Berlin
Badehaus Szimpla, RAW, Friedrichshain, Berlin

Who knows how long RAW will remain raw; rumours are already circulating regarding a huge clean up. So hurry to Friedrichshain, Berlin, and be sure to make your way to the Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk for some tasty food, a little sports action or a wild night out and remember, Europe is Hot, Berlin is on Fire!

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