Keepers of the Rigaer – Controversial Rigaer Str. 94, Friedrichshain, Berlin

From the Series: Europe is Hot, Berlin is on Fire!!!

Friedrichshain, Berlin is in the midst of rapid gentrification and some people, like those living at Rigaer Str. 94, Keepers of the Rigaer, are not happy. Rundown, derelict properties are undergoing non-stop renovations in a bid to beautify neighbourhoods, hoping to offer relaxed living in the heart of the city, at a huge expense to owners who wish to live there themselves, or rent out for international city rates. Squatters against the world – contentious, belligerent, moot.
The Controversial Rigaer Str., Friedrichshain, Berlin
The Controversial Rigaer Str., Friedrichshain, Berlin

The Rigaer Straβe 94 squatters oppose development advances and have made their opposition clear. Although all of the areas surrounding this building block have been successfully restored, house number 94 has remained an island of controversy. They have taken to fighting for their cause by means of media, demonstrations and lawyers, at times escalating to violence.

RAW, Urban Hot Spot, Night Clubs, Bars, Restaurants, Sports, Friedrichshain, Berlin

From the series: Europe is Hot, Berlin is on Fire

RAW Entrance, Friedrichshain, Berlin
RAW Entrance, Friedrichshain, Berlin
Tucked inconspicuously behind old walls on a huge 12 acre (52000 Sq. Meters) city block, address Revaler Street 99, Friedrichshain, Berlin, sits the very popular RAW. The indoor / outdoor space boasts trendy Restaurants, Bars and Night Clubs as well as sports halls. Young people flock here, looking to see and be seen, middle aged people looking to stay in touch with the fashion trends and older people gawking, taking pictures and enjoying the view of youth (or not) ? .

RAW stands for Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk, a big German word which loosely translates to

Famous Boxhagener Platz, Boxi, Friedrichshain – Series, Europe is Hot, Berlin is on Fire

From the Series: Europe is Hot, Berlin is on Fire!!!

In the neighbourhood of Friedrichshain, Berlin we found the famous Boxhagener Platz – meeting place, market, restaurants and bars with a cool hip vibe. The heart of Friedrichshain; yes, Europe is hot, but Berlin is on Fire – sizzling, non-stop action.

Boxhagener Platz, fondly nicknamed Boxi by the locals, was built in 1903. This multi-purpose park area is suffering a slight identity crisis, constantly bringing it 2 steps forward and one step back. Persistent clean up and restoration is met with resistance by

RAW, Friedrichshain, Berlin – Photo Album

Photos from the Trendy RAW, located in Friedrichshain, Berlin. Included are the Badehaus, Der Kegel, Haubentaucher, RAW entrance, Graffiti Art and more.

Melissa Bistro Imbiss Restaurant – Photo Album

Always looking for a deal, we came across Melissa; a simple imbiss style restaurant serving affordable, fast food.  When I say affordable, I am not joking, it is possibly one of the cheapest restaurants in Berlin. To find out what we thought of it, check out my review.