Quad Tour Safari

Fun filled vacation action for the entire family. Quad Tour Safari, in Serenity Hotel, Makadi Bay, Egypt.

Excursion Company: 
Quad Tour Safari
Address: 36 Km, Safaga Road, Makadi Bay,
Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt – Serenity Makadi Beach Hotel

Note:  Independently written based on my experience.

During our stay at the beautiful Serenity Makadi Beach all inclusive hotel, we were looking for a little action to spice up our very leisurely days.  Salesmen are constantly pumping their wares and on this particular day, the Quad Tour Safari grabbed our attention.

A friendly young man explained 3 different options to us:
2 hour tour leaving direct from the hotel with desert driving and Red Sea views
Sunset Tour, also 2 hours; leaving the Serenity hotel at 3 pm, driving through the Sahara to the water and back complete with the beautiful desert sunset
Day Tour which includes Quads & Buggies to Sahara Park, including an Arabian bbq lunch, a Bedouin Village, belly dancing and camels

We opted for the first mentioned and were able to get in on the same day. Hooray!  We quickly went back to the room, donned some older clothing and training shoes and then headed out through the lobby to where the Quads were parked.

First on the agenda is payment, followed by getting the head and face protectively wrapped in an Arafat scarf, also know as a Keffiyeh and then being fitted with a helmet.  For those not wearing sunglasses, there were helmets with visors for eye protection.

Once everyone was outfitted, we were led to one of the quad perfectly lined in a row, one for each of us, where we were given a briefing which included how to use the bikes, safety instruction and tips.  There is really only gas and brakes, so it was very easy to operate.  Next we hopped on our machines, did a quick test drive and were on our way.

Shortly after leaving the hotel premises, we were already in the desert, driving through the rippled sand dunes with the sand dust curling around us.  Everyone quickly became comfortable with the functionality and like ducks in a row, we made our way through the amazing Sahara desert.

Eventually we could see a blue haze in the distance, slightly different than the colour of the blue sky and then the Red Sea opened up before us. What a view!  We parked the bikes and cautious climbed the cliffs with the water crashing below us.  After some hamming it up and fun, we slowly made our way back to the quads, always under the watchful and helpful eye of our fabulous guide.

Our easy ride back to the hotel reminded me that once the vacation is over, it will be a long time before I will see the Sahara desert again.

What to wear:  T-shirt and shorts are fine. Probably if doing the sunset tour or if it is a windy cooler day, I would also recommend a light jacket.  Footwear should be stable, such as running shoes; some people wore sandals, but this was not great for climbing. Don’t forget your dual purpose sunglasses which will not only shield you from the sun rays, but also from the dust.  Make sure your sun cream has been applied minimum 10 minutes prior so it has time to dry.

Contact:  Eid Mahmoud – +20 0106 4361067
Facebook: Eid Safari
Opening Hours: 10 AM to 5 PM

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Location: Africa > Egypt > Hurghada > Makadi Bay > Safaga Road > Serenity Makadi Beach Hotel > Quad Tour Safari

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