Al Halaka Fish Restaurant, Hurghada – Review

If you are looking to eat Red Sea Seafood while in Hurghada, you might want to stop by Alhalaka for a dining treat!

Restaurant Name: 
Alhalaka Fish Also: Al Halaka Fish Restaurant
Address: مدينة الشهداء، Qesm Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt  – one road in front of Marina Boulevard, by the Al Mina Mosque

NoteThis is an independent restaurant review based on my experience.

The Restaurant: This very busy two level eatery is conveniently located just one street back from the popular Hurghada Marina Boulevard.  Not fancy and serving no liquor, the concept is simple.  Fresh seafood on ice, which you can choose yourself and pay market price by the kilo, or optionally, order standard dishes from a set price menu.

A nice variety of affordable soups, salads, and appetizers are offered in the menu. Fresh baked, slightly sweet Aish Baladi Egytian flatbread magically appears on the table.  Hand pressed juices are a nice accompaniment to the meal.

Our group of four ordered the following:
– A carafe of lemon mint juice
– A mixed salad
– Shrimp Rice with red curry sauce

Then, as we had been seated in the second level, we were asked to go downstairs and pick out our fish. We chose:
– Flounder x 1
– Shrimps x 700 grams
– Calamari Squid x 1 small
– Lobster x 2 whole

The Service:  Extremely friendly, helpful and attentive.  Eager to make sure our experience was as good as possible!

The Food:  Delicious.  The colourful, crisp salad was not only beautifully presented, but tasted delicious.  The red curry rice sauce was a soupy thick, slightly spicy, extremely addictive delight – one could make a meal of this in itself!

Crispy golden fried flounder was presented in a tin foil basket along with steaming hot, seasoned and barbecued shrimp.  Flounder is not my favourite fish due to the numerous tiny bones, but our table partner thought it was fabulous.  The delectable shrimp were a hit with everyone.

Calamari, also known as squid was cut into pieces, cooked in an oriental sauce of spices, onions, green peppers and tomatoes, then finished on the grill and tossed in the sauce before being served.  This was my absolute favourite dish.  It was so incredibly delicious – intricate flavour dancing in my mouth as I savoured every bite.

Everyone agreed, our least favourite dish was the lobster.  Although it was tastefully presented, it could not compete with the other dishes.  That being said, our group prefers the sweet taste and size of Atlantic cold water lobster.

The fresh squeezed lemon mint juice was a delightful addition to the meal. Seafood and lemon make a great pairing!

The Cost:  €110.00 with tip for 4 people.  Although it may seem hefty to some, it breaks down to €27.50 per person, an awesome price for that amount of seafood!

Contact: Tel – +20 65 3442649 – Reservations recommended
Opening Hours:  12 Pm to 12 AM, Lunch to Midnight

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Location: Africa > Egypt > Red Sea Coast / Red Sea Governorate > Hurghada > مدينة الشهداء، Qesm Hurghada > Alhalaka / Al Halaka

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