Fayroz Spa

Looking for a spa experience?  Look no further.  Fayroz Spa, in the Serenity Hotels complex on Makadi Bay has something for everyone!

Spa NameFayroz Spa
Address:  36 Km, Safaga Road, Makadi Bay,
Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt – Serenity Hotels and Resorts

NoteThis is an independent restaurant review based on my experience.

Fayroz Spa, and fitness studio offers a wide range of services including but not limited to:
– a huge selection of massages and massage packages
– hair salon
– manicure & pedicure
– facials
– hair removal; threading and/or waxing
All services are available to both men and women.

Sales are pushy, hard and non-stop. 

The Sale: We first heard about the spa while we were trying to relax at the pool.  As is the unfortunate theme of Serenity Makadi Beach, sales are pushy, hard and non-stop. On day two of our stay, a very friendly young man named Amr came to visit us by the pool.  Amr has a wonderful, stress free charm, is very friendly, easy going and solution oriented.

After some general small talk, he told us about the services the Spa offers.  We thanked him for his time and he politely left.  Throughout the day and the next day, we felt more comfortable with him, always smiling and laughing, waving hellos, exchanging greetings.  On our third day we called him over and asked him what he could do for us.

Following some back and forth and good natured bargaining, we booked 5 medical massages and one Cleopatra Mix for what we felt was a fair price.  An appointment was booked immediately for the Cleopatra Mix at 2 pm that afternoon where full payment for all services is requested – this ensures people actually show up for their appointments.

NoteThere are no set prices, so get ready to haggle and negotiate to a price you are comfortable with!

The Service:  I arrived on time and paid immediately, but had to wait 20 minutes in the reception area. During this time, I was approached by men with hard sales for other spa offerings.

Completely stressed, I was finally led into a change room and told to take my clothes off. The young lady waited with me, instructing me to leave on my bra and panties – this is much different than I am used to in Canada and Germany where you completely strip and then put on a robe or towel.

A towel was placed around my shoulders and then I was led to a sauna area. Sales men were everywhere, making it very uncomfortable, especially when you think too much about what the Egyptian men truly consider to be appropriate – creepy.

After a quick shower – in bra and panties, I was led to the dry sauna where I soaked alone in the dry heat for about 5 minutes after which I was led barefoot across the slightly slippery tile floor to the shower area – no slippers or Flip flops offered, but thank goodness the massage lady held my hand to help avoid slippage.

The showers are not fancy, really not even nice; just a small head in a very small room. After a shower, I was brought to the jacuzzi. Temporary plastic steps were available to get up to the armpit high tub. No handrails for support made it quite uncomfortable and awkward if not downright dangerous.  I do not recommend this for older people or those with mobility problems. The 5 minute jacuzzi felt good, but would have felt better if there would not have been male personnel creeping around.

it is probably only fair to mention that salesmen live off of commissions earned from sales

Cautiously exiting the hot water, again with help, I was led to another shower and then into the steam room – all in bra and panty because of men everywhere. Following the steam room and another shower I was led into a huge room with numerous hot stone beds, otherwise known as a Hamam or a Turkish Bath. Although I was the only one, I assume it is co-ed.

A big fluffy towel was on the bed and I crawled up – a step would have been very helpful as I am 164 cm short, but I managed. First my feet soles and hand palms were rubbed with salt?, and then my entire body was treated to a coconut scrub. The smell was amazing, the room was dark and the music relaxing.

Once my coconut scrubbed body was wrapped in warm towels, my face was gently massaged and then left to relax for 5 minutes with a coffee mask. after which I was once again led to the shower to try and rinse all of the coffee and coconut off. It was in my bra, in my underwear and everywhere else. Figuring I had removed as much as possible I left the shower with very soft skin. I was given a towel and then paraded once more through the spa area and down perilous stairs in my wet feet to the private massage rooms- finally privacy!

Asked to remove my bra now, coconut piled out. Up onto the high table, again without help of a step and then the massage began. The young Lady had magical hands. The massage was relaxing fabulous.

The complete Cleopatra Mix ended up taking 2 hours.  I walked back to / through my hotel with my soaking wet coconut bra in my purse and my wet underwear soaking through my light blue capris – hopefully nobody thought I wet myself!

The medical massages were also fantastic – I wish I could have one every day!  All masseuses were fabulous, but a special shout out to Saffa, who knew how to apply the perfect pressure in every spot.

Other service we booked included:
– a Haircut, style and blowdry – Laili, the young lady who cut my hair could not speak English (or German), but she was a lovely girl and first did consultation with the help of the friendly salesman. She was very quick and efficient and I was pleased with the end result. Sidenote: It is a pity that once again I was forced through hard sales with a smile before finally being allowed to receive my paid for haircut!
Haircut, shave, eyebrows and ears threading and a facial for super price. My partner was very happy with the barber.
Shave and Facial; my husband really liked this service!

Do I recommend it?  Definitely!!! Be firm, know ahead, make a deal and get pampered!

Sales are, for the most part, pushy, hard and non-stop.  However, it is probably only fair to mention that these salesmen and their families live off of commissions earned from their sales.

Some recommended changes:
– Re-usable Slippers / flip flops for guests
– non-pushy sales (I bet they would sell a lot more!)
– no salesmen in the wet areas so women can be nude or a separate area or time for women who do not want men present
– Suggestion for women to wear / bring bikini or bathing suit for treatments
– hand rails for the jacuzzi or a complete surround platform

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    thanks for sharing your valuable experience.

    would you please mention how much does it cost for every service you’ve got in Fayroz Spa?

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