Love Train Zug der Liebe Berlin 2017

This is Love Train 2017 – Berlin Germany – Zug der Liebe

Replacement to the Love Parade. Footage taken in the area of Corinthstrasse and Markgrafendamm in Friedrichshain, Berlin. The Love Train party, known as Zug der Liebe, took place one day after German law voted to legalize same sex marriage.   Watch what happens in the video as the party progresses! Comments welcome below.

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Diane Misol

Canadian living in Germany - Enjoying Travel & Documenting as I go! My goal is to bring you honest reporting based on my experience. As blogging took over the internet, so did glossy photos and life is perfect mentality. The world is now officially viewed through rose coloured glasses. I aim to bring you a truer, more realistic version. Hope you enjoy and please share if you do.

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