Makadi Bay Fun City Water Park

Thrills abound in Makadi Bay Fun City Waterpark Hurghada – hours of exciting splash fun for all ages!

Excursion: Makadi Bay Fun City Waterpark, Hurghada Aqua Park
Address:  36 Km, Safaga Road, Makadi Bay,
Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt – Serenity Fun City Hotel

NoteThis is an independent review based on my experience.

The desert sun is beating down and what a better way to fight the heat than a day at a water park!  Makadi Bay Fun City Water Park, also known as Hurghada Aqua Park, will quickly help you forget the hot weather, infusing you with a burst of adrenalin as you brave the numerous aqua slides.

the best part - NO LINE UPS / QUEUES anywhere!!!

Set up like any high priced aqua theme park in Europe or America, in addition to pools and slides, this park setting includes refreshment areas, restaurants, fast food, washrooms, umbrellas, lounge chairs, towels and a castle!  That is an impressive amount of offerings – all included!

Adult appropriate wet attractions include:
– lazy river with inflatable dingy
– several body slide slides
– tube rafting slides
– kamikaze and wave slide
– swimming pools
– wave pool (not working while we were there)
– splash pad – for all ages

Child size fun, in it’s own area include:
– swimming pool with dolphin, elephant, rabbit and cobra slides
– mushroom umbrella waterfall shower in pool
– aqua tower with a big splash

While we were there, not all water attractions in the adult area were open.  The lazy river and several slides were completely closed, the wave pool was open as a swimming pool without waves and most of the food and drink concessions were closed as well.

However, the hotel was almost empty, therefore the costs of operating must be taken into consideration.  The children’s area was functioning completely (everything open) and the adult area still offered more than enough to keep you busy and cool.  Drinks and snacks were readily available, and the best part – NO LINE UPS / QUEUES anywhere!!!

The Cost:  Inclusive for those staying in the Serenity Hotels Complex – Serenity Makadi Beach and Serenity Fun City.

Book a night and enjoy all of the amenities of all-inclusive light starting at around €40 – €50 pp, including the Luna Park amusement village!

Contact:  +20 65 359 09 65 or +20 65 3590225
Opening Hours: Daily 10 AM – 5 PM

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Location:  Africa > North East Africa > Middle East > Egypt > Hurghada > Makadi Bay > Serenity Hotels > Serenity Fun City > Makadi Bay Water World / Hurghada Aqua Park

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