Midway Fair Okeechobee Florida

Spending time in Florida, USA, trying to escape the cold, one inevitably looks for things to do. Yesterday while driving around, we discovered the midway fair had come to Okeechobee town.

Zipper and More
Midway Rides

Perhaps because of Super Bowl Sunday, we did not have to fight any crowds.

Midway Rides
Getting ready to open the Midway

There were no line ups for rides, food or games. Fried everything seems to be the new staple – fried reeses, fried oreo cookies, fried chocolate chip cookie batter – you get the idea.

Midway Booth Okeechobee Florida
Sweets and Treats

I settled on a good old fashioned fried corn dog. As I strolled around the midway with a silly smile on my face, and maybe a little mustard, wonderful memories flooded my mind.

Midway Swing Ride
Beautiful Midway Swing Ride

Magical colours, sounds of laughter intertwined with screams, blaring music, sweet smells of candy floss and roasting peanuts, thick smells of frying foods and of course the carny calls promising key chains, stuffed animals and bracelets which can be traded up for the coveted monster teddy bear and fame!

Midway Ferris Wheel
Ferris Wheel high in the sky

Midway Video

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