Charming Kufstein, Austria

Kufstein, Austria, where Backpackers, Honeymooners and tourists can be seen wandering around the castle like fortress or sitting in the charming town sipping coffee or eating schnitzel. Located at the foothills of the Brandenburg Alps in the province of Tyrol just 30 kilometers from Bavaria, Germany is an often overlooked destination.


Town Entrance Kufstein
Town Entrance, Kufstein

Probably the most famous landmark is the imposing Kufstein Fortress or Festung Kufstein, perched high on a cliff overlooking the quaint town below.

Pictured below is the Inn River meandering along the town. The river runoff comes from the Northern Limestone Alps.

Inn River Kufstein Austria
Inn river, Austria

The colours and sites of this quaint town make it an attractive travel destination, if only for a day trip! Whether you are looking for a romantic honeymoon, backpacking Europe or love castles, Kufstein is an interesting stop.

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I am an avid traveller who believes that travel means participation. Whether it be observing traditional cultures, eating native delicacies, or drinking local drinks, one must fully immerse oneself to truly understand and enjoy a destination.

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  1. Gabriel

    Austria, wonderful! Always wanted to spend time travelling that place.
    The Schnitzel must be amazing…with a Stein of the local brew, the perfect combo

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