Horses and Cowboys, Non-Stop Action Rodeo – Brighton Field Days, Florida

Who doesn’t like a good old action packed rodeo filled with cowboys, horses, and non stop thrills? The Seminole Indian Reservation  hosted the exciting PRCA roundup event at Lake OkeechobeeFlorida on the weekend. The annual event is part of the extremely popular Brighton Field Days.

The PRCA has been around since 1936 and never fails to captivate it’s audience. Electrifying events included:

  • Bareback Bronc Riding – cowboy/rider on bucking horse, no saddle
  • Barrel Racing -a race around barrels by a rider and his horse
  • Bull Riding – rider on bucking bull
  • Saddle Bronc Riding – cowboy/cowgirl on bucking horse, with saddle
  • Steer Wrestling – horse and rider chase a running steer, rider jumps from horse to wrestle the steer to the ground
  • Team Roping– two riders working together to rope a steer
  • Tie-down Roping – horse and rider chase a running calf, rope and tie it

Almost 5000 riders are members of the PRCA. Although not all make a living from the competition, some do, like top earning cowboy Trevor Brazile who has earned more than $5 Million in his lifetime career. Great riding Trevor Brazile!

Cowboys and their horses in waiting
Cowboys and their horses in waiting

Many people, particularly animal rights activists, are concerned abut the animal welfare. Great news!  Animal care is controlled by Stock contractors who must adhere to more than 60 rules and regulations for humane treatment and care of all rodeo animals.

No rodeo is complete without the clown – cleaning up and making jokes to keep the audience entertained.

In addition to the Rodeo, Brighton Field Days also showcased Native American Dancing, crafts, foods and more. To see more about the Native American Celebration, please click here: Brighton Field Days – A Celebration of Native Americans

Indian Flies through air in dance

Photo Album
PRCA – Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association
Seminole Indian Festival
Cowboys and Horses – YouTube
North American Natives – YouTube


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