Brighton Field Day Festival – A Celebration of Native Americans

The Seminole Tribe of Florida hosted the Brighton Field Days annual Festival at the beautiful Lake Okeechobee.  Visitors from around the world packed the grounds and stands for a glimpse into the life of Native American people.

Native American Women in Traditional Dress with Marine
Native American Women posing for Photo as Marine peaks in!

Highlights included:

  • Seminole Arts and Crafts
  • Pow Wow Dancing featuring several North American Tribes
  • Native Clothing
  • Authentic Seminole Food
  • Shows and Demonstrations
  • Carnival Midway

Miss and Jr. Miss Princesses of Brighton, dressed in traditional Seminole Clothing, were dutifully mingling with the crowds and posing for pictures, permanent smiles glowing.

Brighton Princesses Pose
Beautiful young ladies Jr. Miss Brighton and Miss Brighton Smile for the Camera

Different tribes from around the country attended the festival showing off their extraordinary wardrobes, browsing the artwork, jewelry, carving and more. The thrilling colours of the traditional clothing left a lasting impression.

Seminole Girl Child
Could not resist capturing this little Native American girl dancing along.

Another main attraction at the Field Day Festival is the Rodeo! For pictures and info see link below.

Located at the Fred Smith Arena, Brighton, Okeechobee.

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