Hanoi Asian Bistro, Konstanz, Germany, Restaurant Review

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Constance/ Konstanz, Germany – Gastronomy – Insider Tips of where to eat cheap and good. Restaurant review of Hanoi Asian Bistro. Gastrokritik Germany

Hanoi Asian Bistro **** Vietnamese, Thai, Sushi and Vegetarian Food. Location: Wallgutstraße 3, Konstanz.  Tel: (Germany) 07531 2824575

Opening Hours:  Tuesday to Friday – 11 am to 3 pm; 5 pm to 11 pm
Sundays & Holidays – 12 pm to 9 pm; Mondays Closed

A close 5 minute walk from old town Konstanz, Hanoi Asian Bistro is a small restaurant with several tables inside and a small patio outside.  They offer a generous variety of Asian inspired dishes at extremely affordable prices.

Seating in the Hanoi Restaurant, Konstanz
Seating in the Hanoi Asian Bistro Restaurant, Konstanz

We have visited this location several times for an affordable, filling lunch and have never left disappointed.  The only drawback is the length of time it takes to receive your order; on the other hand, it is fresh prepared!

Tom Kha Gai is a Thai appetizer we can never say no to. A wonderful chicken soup prepared with coconut milk.  Not quite as good as those we consumed in Thailand, but good non the less. If you like spicy as much as we do, be sure to add extra pepper flakes or paste as it is not prepared spicy.  Also nice is the Gai Sate, grilled chicken on a stick served with a peanut and coconut sauce as well as the Vietnamese Spring Rolls.

Tom Kha Gai Soup - Chicken and Coconut Milk. Hanoi, Konstanz
Tom Kha Gai Soup – Chicken and Coconut Milk. Hanoi, Konstanz

Choosing an entree is always a challenge, due to the large number of possibilities. We like to go with several people and then have each person order a dish which we then put in the middle of the table and share.  There are dishes with either chicken, pork, duck or beef, rice or noodle meals, as well as a complete Vietnamese menu, seafood and vegetarian plates.

One of my favourite dishes is the Chicken in Red Curry Sauce. Prepared with pineapple, onions and coconut milk, it is spice with a very nice red curry sauce and served with rice.  Of course, although the menu says it is spicy, I need to add more spice.  The duck is also very good, nicely crisped – with cashews and hoisin sauce, it is almost perfect!  Nasi-Goreng and the Shaolin Veggies are also good and a friend swears by the Red Curry Tofu.

Red Curry Chicken, Hanoi Restaurant
Red Curry Chicken with Rice, Hanoi Restaurant

The sushi card includes Maki – 4 types, Futomaki – 3 types, Inside Out Sushi – 8 types, Cooked – 7 types, Vegetarian – 6 types and Nigiri Sushi – 4 types. As I am not a sushi fan, the only one I tried was the California Maki (cooked), and it was good.  As beautiful as sushi is, I will likely not become a fan of it.

If you like Asian food and are looking for true value, the Hanoi Restaurant is a definite first choice.

4 Star rating because: Good Food, Fabulous Prices, Great Variety. Lost a star due to slow service and insufficient spice for an asian restaurant.  Give it a try!

Seats: approx. 50 inside, 28 outside
Reservations are possible
Take out available

Hanoi Asian Bistro interior seating. Restaurant review
Hanoi Asian Bistro interior seating

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