Five Reasons Why I Love Cruising

Cruising, in my opinion, is one of the most enjoyable ways to travel and vacation. Whether a few days in length to several months, mega ships with endless activities or small intimate ships with personalized perfection, port intensive or long leisurely days at sea, with hundreds of cruise ships to choose from, there is something to fit every desire.

Here are 5 Reasons Why I Love Cruising: (in descending order)

5. Swimming Pools – Whether it be going for a refreshing splash, an exciting game of volleyball or simply having a cool cocktail while lounging on a chair, I love the action around the swimming pools.

4. Endless Entertainment – surf riders, rock climbing, casinos, live entertainment, art, movies, games, dancing – the list is never ending. Some ships host theme cruises; some themes include country music, rock music, GLBT, Star Wars, etc.; the list goes on into the hundreds.

3. Food -OMG! The food! Unfathomable amounts of tantalizing, tasty morsels of forbidden delectables! Buffets, dining rooms, specialty restaurants, burger grills, salad bars, sandwich bars, sushi bars – endless possibilities. And do not get me started on the assortment of wines, cocktails, beers…

2. Meeting People – I thoroughly enjoy socializing with people – even better when they are like minded folks. New Friends and Old Friends alike, it is wonderful to share travel stories over drinks. Sharing a dining table is a great way to meet people – the bigger the table the better!

1. Destinations – I love visiting and discovering exciting new destinations! Cruising is a fantastic way of getting a quick glimpse of a unknown place and deciding whether I want to return for an in-depth visit. Ships offer anything from a few hours to several days at ports of call.

So now that you have cruise fever, get out there and book the cruise of your dreams!!! See you on the waves.

Sydney Opera House
Sydney, Australia

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I am an avid traveller who believes that travel means participation. Whether it be observing traditional cultures, eating native delicacies, or drinking local drinks, one must fully immerse oneself to truly understand and enjoy a destination.

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  1. Mike

    Cruising is my favourite way of vacationing. Best are longer cruises, like 10 days and more.
    This way you really get to enjoy the ship, as well as where they take you.
    Great Blog! Lovely read

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