Going to the resort destination of Cuba is like hopping into a time Capsule, whether you stay in an All Inclusive resort in Varadero Beach, a hotel in Havana, or make various cruise ship stops around the island, you will be intrigued by the charm of the country which stood still in time.

Church Tower Havana
Church Tower in Havana

If you wish to see Cuba in the present, circa 1950 condition, get there now! Horse and cart is still a normal site in the countryside, adding a charm of days gone by.

Horse Cart Cuba Transportation
Transportation – Horse and Cart on a Cuban Country Road

The beaches are gorgeous – long stretches of white sand on a crystal blue backdrop. Shown below is the Varadero beach, but other popular beaches include Cayo Coco, Santa Maria and Guardalavaca to name a few.

The white sands of Varadero
Varadero Beach, Cuba

For the classic car enthusiast, Cuba is like a candy store! Models and colours from the 1950’s can be seen meandering through the streets of Havana or along the dirt roads in the country.

Car by side of road in Cuba
Classic car parked at side of road, Cuba

All inclusive resorts are plentiful. At the time of this publication, the Cuban government has controlling 51% share in all business in Cuba.

Vacations in Cuba are still quite affordable; great for budget travellers, destination weddings, photo enthusiasts!

The face of Cuba is about to change. Cuba will be an up and coming destination in the years to come. Now that the USA is softening restrictions to the Communist country, and Cuba is increasingly more open to foreign investment, it is only a matter of time before it is restored to it’s former glory.

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I am an avid traveller who believes that travel means participation. Whether it be observing traditional cultures, eating native delicacies, or drinking local drinks, one must fully immerse oneself to truly understand and enjoy a destination.

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  1. Gabriel

    They have a wonderful Bar in old Havana – Hemmingway’s.
    A statue of Hemmingway is sitting at the Bar, the exact spot he used to sit. Live Salsa, Mojito’s
    very cool Blog, love your pictures – Thanks

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