Going to the resort destination of Cuba is like hopping into a time Capsule, whether you stay in an All Inclusive resort in Varadero Beach, a hotel in Havana, or make various cruise ship stops around the island, you will be intrigued by the charm of the country which stood still in time.

Church Tower Havana
Church Tower in Havana

If you wish to see Cuba in

Elora, Ontario, Canada – Art Galleries, Architecture, Beach, Camping, Restaurants, Casino, Hiking, Horse Racing and More

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The quaint village of Elora, Ontario, Canada has so much to offer including Art Galleries, Parks, Tubing, Hiking, Fishing, Canoeing, Ziplining, Limestone Architecture, Casino, Horse Racing, Restaurants, Pubs, Cafes and even a beach! This small town is a perfect tourist attraction; no matter what kind of tourist you are, there really is something for everyone.

Beautiful Church Street. Elora, Ontario, Canada
The Beautiful Church Street. Elora, Ontario, Canada

Although a small town of approximately 4000 inhabitants, Elora shines when it comes to entertainment.

Beautiful Syracuse, Italy – Island of Sicilian Treasures

Siracusa / Syracuse, Sicily on the island of Ortigia, Italy, is a beautiful mid-sized city steeped in Greek history. Founded by greeks, this ancient city boasts an age of more than 2,700 years and is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Views of Mount Etna, rich baroque architecture, crystal waters, amazing Sicilian food and incredibly welcoming inhabitants (Siracusans) make this an enticing city to visit.

Piazza Duomo, Syracuse
Me taking in the view at the Piazza Duomo

A cost free pleasure, we find ourselves wandering along the waterfront, taking in the magnificent views of

Mykonos, Greece – Photo Album

Mykonos, nicknamed “The Island of the Winds” offers beautiful beaches, a Little Venice, watersports, cycling, vineyards, great photo opportunities, a few museums, a lot of churches and an incredible nightlife. Below are our photos, click any photo to enlarge; if you want to read about it, visit:  Mykonos, Greece – Island of Windmills, Chapels and Colours

Cambodia – Love it, Hate it – Unrivalled Ruins, Dark History, Beautiful People

Cambodia, a country with a dark past, spectacular ancient ruins, eclectic culture, relaxing beaches, and floating villages. This country is perhaps one of the most controversially exciting destination I have visited; conflicting emotions ranging from loving it as a whole to grieving for it’s people.

Temple Angkor Wat, Siem Reap
Temple Angkor Wat, Siem Reap

We arrived at the Phnom Penh airport via Asia air after lots of commotions and running