Cartagena, Colombia – Winter Escape, Caribbean Gem

Need a winter escape? Don’t have a large budget – or do? Want endless possibilities of things to see and do? Picturesque Cartagena, Colombia might be a viable choice for you. Museums, scuba, culture, clubs, hiking, jogging, sunbathing, beaches and old world charm, so much to do on any budget!

Beautiful Santo Domingo Cathedral, Cartagena, Colombia
Beautiful Santo Domingo Cathedral, Cartagena, Colombia

Located on the northern coast of Colombia, Cartagena faces the exquisite Caribbean Sea. Upon our arrival, we headed straight for the historic walled city known as Old Town. As we passed through the thick murales which surround the city, we were immediately surrounded by resplendent colonial architecture.

Old Town, Cartagena, Colombia
A View of Old Town, Cartagena, Colombia

Strolling through the streets, we were greeted by friendly locals with affable Holas and Buenos Dias! Fruits stands, bars, cafes and restaurants could be found overall, sites and aromas constantly tempting the senses!

Fruit Lady, Cartagena, Colombia
Fruit Lady, Cartagena, Colombia

The Magnificent thick walls, erected in the 16th century as a protection, surround the entire city. We quickly found our way to the top of the walls and enjoyed the stunningly scenic walk around the city. Imposing Cannons facing out to the Caribbean top the wall along with guard turrets, warning the enemy of times gone by to steer clear.

Fort Wall, Cartagena, Colombia
Fort Wall, Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena has a wonderful eclectic food fusionceviche with unique zests and dressings, mote de queso – a cheese soup, street food arepas – corn cakes with various stuffings or toppings, (I like mine spicy!), and of course fish served with coconut rice. In addition to traditional caribbean cocktails, Limonada de Coco – coconut lemon juice – is wondrously refreshing or when all else fails, a cold beer outside of a tienda to the beat of cumbia might hit the spot.

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