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Agadir, Morocco – Unanticipated simplicity, friendly people, delicious food, spectacular vistas, ancient fort walls, beaches, divine teas, street vendors, and did I mention the food?! Agadir is probably best known as a seaside resort city, popular with northern Europeans as a beach destination.

Beach View From Kasbah, Agadir, Morocco
Beach View From Kasbah, Agadir, Morocco

The food in Morocco is loaded with intense flavours to satisfy your tastebuds and leave you craving more. Whether spicy fish barbecued over coals, couscous cooked in a savory broth, tagine (meat stew) or meats cooked on a rotisserie, bread is served with every meal. Beef, lamb, mutton, camel, and goat are the meats used for the base of meals as well as chicken and fish. Of course, due to religious beliefs, pork is not consumed. Salads and sauces are common, spices are used liberally.

Delicious Shawarma Meal with sauces. Agadir, Morocco
Delicious Shawarma Meal with sauces. Agadir, Morocco

Kasbah (Casbah) was an ancient fortress constructed in 1572, however, the 1960 earthquake destroyed most of it. Much of the wall has been rebuilt and the area offers an amazing view of Agadir and the beach.

Kasbah / Casbah Fort Wall, Agadir, Morocco
Kasbah / Casbah Fort Wall, Agadir, Morocco

Areas along the countryside can be seen by many varying means of transportation, but camels seem to be very relaxing and a traditional mode of getting around. Although we did not encounter / see any abuse, we would recommend not supporting any places which are abusive. Visit RIGHT tourism to understand our informed, humane responsibility.

Camel riding in the countryside, Agadir, Morocco
Camel riding in the countryside, Agadir, Morocco

Even if you aren’t looking to buy anything, shopping is a unique experience. Whether you visit the Souk el Had with over 2000 stalls, the city shops or trying your luck with the street vendors, your 5 senses are sure to be teased. Carpets, spices, furniture, clothing, crafts, souvenirs, fruits and vegetables; the endless possibilities will keep you busy.

Street Carpet Vendor, Agadir, Morocco
Street Carpet Vendor, Agadir, Morocco

Agadir is home to the most important fishing port in the country and one of the top sardine ports in the world. Action is abundant around the ports, fishermen coming and going, cooking, fish cleaning, and container and cruise ships coming and going.

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Agadir Extras:
Currency – Moroccan Dirham
Official Language – Moroccan Arabic, many also speak Berber
300 days of sunshine per year
The beach is 6 miles long

Helpful Information:
RIGHT tourism – being responsible travellers
Wikitravel – the free Agadir Travel Guide
Agadir, Morocco – YouTube
Foreign Travel Advice – UK Government
Alerts and Warnings – USA Government

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