European Hair Stylists have Hot Scissors, Fashion Forward

From the series: Europe is Hot, Berlin is on Fire!!!

Hot Scissors, New Hair Style Trend

A new hair styling technique is taking Europe by storm. European Coiffeurs from finer salons are boasting the advantages of Hot Scissors. Fashion Forward trends – Make your next haircut hotter!

150 °C plus scissors, termed Hot Scissors, are the latest rage to take European hair salons by storm. With promising results, people are flocking to stylists who offer the Thermo Cutting technique.

The supposed advantages are sealed hair tips – no more split ends, a more polished look.   The Thermo Cut system is basically a pair of scissors which can be plugged in to heat the instrument to a high temperature, which then seals the hair ends as it cuts. Due to the seal, the result is a longer period of time between cuts.

It has neither been proven nor disproved if a hot cut actually provides advantages or not, but it is definitely the rage at the moment, especially in this capital where Europe is Hot, but Berlin is on Fire!!! Will your next hair cut be with Hot Scissors?

European Hair Trend, Hot Scissors

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