Who am I?

Strange, I used to consider myself a budget traveller, but that is not quite right. A more accurate description would be someone who is looking to get the BEST value for my money!

Cruise Ship
Love Cruising

Whether it is driving across the USA with a Fifth Wheel trailer, taking the Metro in Prague, cruising the oceans aboard amazing ships, scuba diving in Egypt, grabbing a great all inclusive deal in Mexico, being amazed at the temples in Cambodia, hopping a train in Germany, taxiing through Dubai, watching the sunset in the Maldives, soaking in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland or renting a car and eating my way through Italy.

Trulli of Puglia

When I get where I am going, the hunt is on for the best meal prices, preferably locally infused, as well as discovering local attractions and treasures at affordable prices.

Shawarma in Morocco

I have learned the more you travel, the more you want to see and the more there is to see. In spite of some serious travel, instead of the list getting shorter, it keeps getting longer.

So that is where I will be. Grabbing the next best deal and discovering our world and the endless treasures it has to offer!

Amphitheater Athens
Amphitheater in Athens, Greece

In answer to the question, who am I, perhaps a better question might be Where am I?!

Travel with me on new adventures and discover the world with me at TravelFoodDrink.com!


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Diane Misol

Canadian living in Germany - Enjoying Travel & Documenting as I go! My goal is to bring you honest reporting based on my experience. As blogging took over the internet, so did glossy photos and life is perfect mentality. The world is now officially viewed through rose coloured glasses. I aim to bring you a truer, more realistic version. Hope you enjoy and please share if you do.

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