Studio apartman, Zagreb, Croatia – a Review

Independent, Motel Hotel Review

Name:  Studio apartman also goes by the name Niko
Address:  Aleja Pomoraca 25, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Why did we book this place?  Well, it had a wonderful array of offerings, including  dog friendly, close to attractions, washing machine and so much more.  Additionally, the 9.7 star review average on is practically unheard of!

We arrived at 12:30 pm.  The address is an apartment building, so we phone the guy – and then the problems started.

He informed us he would be there in half an hour to an hour to let us in.  We told him that would be fine, we could go grab a bite to eat in the meantime.  Then he asked if we still wanted the place to which we replied of course, we would go for lunch and return. He said ok and then questioned us a second time if we wanted the apartment. Nervously, we asked why. He said the hot water did not work, so we would only be able to have cold showers.

After a quick discussion between ourselves, we suggested a discount was in order and then we would still stay. He refused. So we told him no thank you and he instructed us to contact to get our money back.

Booking informed us that he had indeed contacted them and was requesting (demanding?) 50% of the booking cost!  We proceeded to explain to them why it was completely unfair and incorrect.  They graciously agreed to cover the difference and give us a full refund.  I do not believe this to be fair or correct, but it was certainly very courteous of them.

Now, when we were ready to settle in, eat lunch and do some sightseeing, instead had to start figuring out where we would stay.  Due to the time of year and short notice, we were unable to stay in Zagreb.  It was a huge disappointment, but an excuse to return!

Would I recommend staying at Aleja Pomoraca 25, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia?  No, based on our experience, no.  That being said, it seems like we are the only ones who had such a horrible experience and maybe it is almost perfect?!

How much would it have cost for 1 night? €40

We have possibly spoke with the one and only asshole in Zagreb when we tried to check in to our pre-booked apartment - thank goodness we met so many nice people.


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