Sayonara Asian Restaurant – Serenity Resorts

Tangy sweet sour taste of Asian food at the Red Sea?  We tried Sayonara in Serenity Fun City.

Restaurant Name: Sayonara, Asian Cuisine
Address: Serenity Fun City, 36 Km, Safaga Road, Makadi Bay, Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt

Note:  This is an independent restaurant review based on my experience.

One of our options for free À la carte dining in the Serenity Makadi Beach hotel, Sayonara, was located in the neighbouring sister hotel, Fun City, a leisurely 5 minute walk.

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Excitedly, we found the gorgeous Asian cuisine restaurant on the bottom level, showcased in the Salut Lobby bar.

We were greeted immediately on arrival and let to our table.  Drink orders were taken, a bread basket appeared and shortly thereafter our first course was served – efficient and friendly.

Poh Pia Thord, Deep Fried Spring Rolls – these tasty treats were actually available at the daily breakfast buffet.  The difference is these were crispy fresh and served with sides of soya sauce and a tangy sweet sour sauce for dipping. Filled with vegetables and minced meat.

Giew Thord, Deep Fried Wonton – very good, a bit like a mini empanada; filled with vegetable and minced meat.  Also served with sides of soya and sweet sour sauces.

Thom Yum Goong, Spicy and Sour Soup with Shrimp – shrimp flavoured broth with spicy red pepper, chopped scallions and 2 shrimps.  We like spicy, so for us, this was under spiced, however, for the average palate, this was a gentle level of sharpness.

Chicken Dumplings, Chicken Clear Soup served with a dumpling – a delicious beef broth with a hint of soya sauce and a ginger chicken dumpling. Although it was not what we had expected, it was a savoury delight.

Nua Phad Num Mun Hoi, Stir Fried Beef with Oyster Sauce served with Steamed Rice – this dish was delicious, one would expect this level of cuisine from any upper end Thai restaurant.

Priew Warn Pla, Sweet and Sour Fish served with fried rice – lightly battered snapper topped with a tangy sweet red sauced and a side of fried rice.  The star of the dish, red sea fish was heavenly; a fresh fillet cooked to perfection.  The rice was simply a side noise, quietly taking a back seat to the main attraction.

Nan Gwaa Bing, Pumpkin Pancakes served with White Honey and Ginger – in my humble opinion, this sweet was horrible.  It is a menu mistake that should be avoided at all costs.  If you have a different experience, I would love to hear about it in the comments section below.

Glauy Horm Thord, Fried Banana with Vanilla Ice Cream – the ice cream was good, not really much you can do wrong with ice cream. Unfortunately, the golden fried banana was mediocre at best.

In closing, Sayonara was one of our favourite restaurants.  The atmosphere is great and the entrees are delicious!  Skip the dessert.

Location: Africa > North East Africa > Middle East > Egypt > Hurghada > Makadi Bay > Serenity Hotels & Resorts > Serenity Fun City > Sayonara Asian Restaurant

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