Santorini, Greece – White Washed Buildings, Blue Accents, Wine, Beaches

The stunning first impression of the Mediterranean Island of Santorini, Greece was the colour contrast of the white washed buildings with blue shutters, domes and accents on the backdrop of the blue sea and the blue sky!

White and Blue Bell Tower, Santorini
White and Blue Bell Tower, Santorini

The main source of income of the gorgeous Santorini is tourism; every summer, more than 300,000 tourists, mostly European, flock to the volcanic island to enjoy the pristine volcanic rock beaches, fabulous food and nightlife. In addition, 790,000 day tourists arrived in 2015 by cruise ship.

Black Sand Beach, Santorini, Greece
Black Sand Beach, Santorini, Greece

We were surprised and pleased to learn that the rich volcanic soil and sunshine create the perfect conditions to grow grapes – and grapes equal wine! Around 1200 hectares are used grow the grape vines which are divided into 3 classifications:

  • Santorini – high acid, dry and usually not in oak, 75% Assyrtiko, 25% Athiri and/or Aidani
  • Nykteri – similar to Santorini, but aged in oak for a minimum of 3 months
  • Mezzo – Sweet, ripasso wine

Assyrtiko, is a white grape used in a variety of sweet wines, as well as blending to make Retsina.

Wine with a View, Santorini, Greece
Wine with a View, Santorini, Greece

Rent or hire a car or ATV and hit the road, you will not be disappointed. The island is only 73 km² which makes it incredibly easy to navigate. Secluded beaches, spectacular vistas and numerous vineyards will reward your adventurous spirit!

Man on ATV, Santorini, Greece
ATV – a great way to see the island! Santorini, Greece

Visit the Santorini Photo Album for more fabulous pictures of this amazing honeymoon destination.


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