Q Factory Hotel Amstersdam Review

A unique music hotel in a lively but quiet district.

Hotel NameQ-Factory Hotel
Address:  Atlantisplein 1, 1093 NE Amsterdam, Netherlands

Note:  This is an independent hotel review based on my experience.

The Hotel:  Q – Factory is “music” hotel located in a wonderful city district of Amsterdam with shops, restaurants and easy access to the tram.  Very conveniently located – approximately 15 minutes to Central Station with museum stops, flower market, etc. in between.  Tram cost: 48 hour ticket, €12.50 per Person.  Wifi is included in your room price.

Check In – rude, distant, unfriendly.
Could not find our reservation for 2 rooms; insinuated it must be my fault, that I must have reserved in 2 names instead of one. They finally found it under one name, but did not give an apology.

On a positive note, the second day reception was being taken care of by Nigab (hopefully spelled correct); he was competent, and friendly.

The Room:  The halls are a maze, not clearly marked, making in somewhat confusing to find your room.

The room(s) itself was funky modern and very clean. It had a fridge, safe, desk with a chair, small closet area and 2 single floor platform beds.  There were sufficient outlets to charge computers, phones and any other devices. Bedding is wonderful, fluffy, cozy and warm and the mattresses were also good.

The washroom had a toilet and shower, the sink was in the bedroom. There was a single step up into the washroom where I banged my toes a few times at night.  The shower stank.

The rooms were very noisy; you hear your neighbours very clear on the other side of the wall and everything in the halls echoes.  A tv alarm went down in the middle of the night shocking us awake, even though we had not touched the tv.

Q Cafe – We had an amazing evening on the first night of our stay. In addition to tables and chairs, there are sofas with pillow and throws around a round open fireplace.  Great atmosphere and we had wonderful service as well.  Fried snacks were available.

Breakfast (7 am to 10 am) – nice breakfast buffet, regular cost €14.50. We were loving the Q Cafe including the tasty breakfast which offered a nice variety of fresh food until… Nadia, the Q Cafe assistant manager who informed me in no uncertain terms no pictures or filming allowed. Empty food bins (we had not really caught on) was a mistake according to her. She was excusing a mess but claims it is usually good. Unfortunately, the only thing not good was her uncalled for approach because the food and service was excellent until her arrival on our second day.

The Cost – 2 rooms, 2 nights:  €320.43 / US$385; approximately €80 per night, per room – when we stayed.

Contact / ReservationQ-Factory Hotel

Do I recommend it? Yes.  Q-Factory boasts a great location, great price and over all good service.

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