Phuket Thailand | Cruise Stop | Asia Tour 2017

Tender cruise destination – Phuket Thailand. No big plans other than Patong Beach, but a rainy sky threatens the day. Time to find some good eats!

Food to Go - Phuket, Thailand
Food to Go

Unfortunately, the weather did not co-operate for our Phuket, Thailand stop.  We tendered to land under a very overcast sky. Decidedly, instead of the original plan of hitting Patong Beach for drinks and massages, this was a perfect day to try and find a good restaurant and try some local dishes.

Street Walking Fish Vendor

We wandered through the back streets and eventually decided on a place called Song Pee Nong 2.  Why this place? It was packed with Asians, not a single caucasian in sight and that is usually a sign of good food. Squeezing in between some chatty hungry patrons, we found a spot at one the several long tables with benches.

Busy - Song Pee Nong 2 Restaurant - Phuket, Thailand
Very Busy – Song Pee Nong 2 Restaurant

There was an open kitchen where we could see the abundance of fresh vegetables, seafood and meats.  The cooks were busy slicing, dicing and chatting amiably among themselves, presenting one eye appealing amazing dish after the next.

Kitchen of Song Pee Nong 2 Restaurant - Phuket, Thailand
Kitchen of Song Pee Nong 2 Restaurant

We were in four and decided on an order of Spring Rolls, Thom Kha Gai Soup, Green Curry Chicken with white Rice and a Seafood Fried Rice to share amongst us.  Cokes and a mango juice were chosen as thirst quenchers.

Tasty Thom Kha Gai Soup - Phuket, Thailand
Tasty Thom Kha Gai Soup

The mango juice was fresh and tangy. The food, all of it, right down to the last speck was delicious – perfectly spiced and generous servings. We specifically asked for spicy (phet – pronounced pet), as usually they go too easy on spice when they see a caucasian individual.

Fruit Vendor School Cutie - Truck, Phuket, Thailand
Fruit Vendor Schooling a Cutie

Each dish was amazingly tasty; so good in fact, that I forgot to take any pictures because I was so lost in the scrumptious dishes and conversation. Oops, sorry.

Food Stall BBQ - Phuket, Thailand
Food Stall BBQ

The total cost for our meal was 860 Baht or approximately $23 for 4 persons. Calculated down and you get to USD$5.70 – not bad for great Asian cuisine!

Fresh BBQ Moto Vendor - Phuket, Thailand
Fresh BBQ Moto Vendor

Slowly, we meandered our way through the streets of Phuket, window shopping, before heading down to Patong Beach where we strolled through the water with a gentle warm rain for our 45 minute walk back to the ship tenders.

Next Stop: Singapore

Total cost: USD$5.70 per person

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